Kirsten: Festibond 2010 Date With Hayley

As part of our Festibond tradition, Brent and I separately take each of the girls out on a date. Yesterday Hayley and I had our date together. She has been roller skating before, as her friends have had roller-skating birthday parties. She decided she wanted to try ice skating. I thought it seemed like a perfect winter activity, especially living in Maine.

Hayley and me at the Family Ice Center in Falmouth

Hayley insisted that we start out our date eating breakfast at our favorite local restaurant, the Palace Diner. Kyle, the owner, is an excellent cook. He enthusiastically greets us by name every time we visit. Both Jenna and Hayley rave about his crepes. When he heard their compliments recently (“Mom, no offense, but he makes better crepes than you do”) he was kind enough to slip me his secret recipe. Then in her Festibond letter to me Hayley wrote “The crepes you tried to make from the Palace Diner didn’t taste the same, but they were still awesome.” She added later, “It would be cool if we could go back in time and you could get a job as a chef and you would probably get a lot of tips because you’re so good.” While we were at the Palace for our date yesterday, Hayley said “Remember how I said chefs are better than cooks? Kyle is DEFINITELY a chef!”

Hayley liked her Mickey Mouse blueberry pancakes.

Instead of giving a gift to each of the girls on Festibond this year, we decided to give them a set amount of money to purchase something for themselves during their dates with us. I took Hayley to Toys R Us where she found a zoo Playmobile set she really liked. They were sold out, so she’s patiently going to wait for more to come in.

I discovered a great place to ice skate: Family Ice Center in Falmouth. Hayley was eager to don her skates and tackle the ice rink. She was pretty unsteady at first, and took little tiny steps while holding onto the side or holding my hand. We decided to go to the outdoor rink; it had a lot more grooves, making the surface less slick and a bit easier for her to keep her balance. She loved it! After a while she was gliding along the ice more than she was stepping, and she was not using a railing or me to stay upright.

On the pond outside the Family Ice Center

As our skate session was nearing the end, we were told to clear off the ice for the zamboni. I explained to Hayley what it was doing to the ice, and she wasn’t sure that she wanted to go back on after that. Once he’d finished, she decided to have a go, and she cautiously stepped onto the freshly resurfaced ice. She was amazed and delighted at how smooth it was and how she could move with less effort. She had no problem maneuvering around the slick new layer. We had such a great time together!

The zamboni resurfacing the ice

We stopped by Bard Coffee, one of our favorite hangouts, to meet Brent and warm up with tasty hot beverages. Hayley ordered a white hot chocolate and a snickerdoodle cookie. We all then went to the mall to check out remote control helicopters. Brent wanted to get one, but we also suspected Hayley would enjoy it. She was quite enthusiastic about it, and picked a blue one (her favorite color).

I had a wonderful day with my sweet, spunky little girl. I absolutely love our tradition of Festibond dates. I always enjoy our time together, and I love being a mom.

2 thoughts on “Kirsten: Festibond 2010 Date With Hayley”

  1. Excellent post, Kirsten. I love our family and our traditions. I also love living in Maine. Bard Coffee and the Palace Diner are tops. I’m wicked stoked to check out the skating rink this weekend with Skye.

  2. Sounds like you guys had a fun time. Spencer wanted to go ice skating with his boy scout troop, but it didn’t work out so we’ll have to take him another time.

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