Jenna: Festibond 2010

This year on Festibond we had a blizzard. We had a hard time driving around.

We went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Their pancakes were awesome! At Cracker Barrel they had a game called “Pegs” that you could play while waiting for food. It was extremely challenging and fun.

After breakfast we went to Staples to publish our Festibond booklets. Then we wrapped presents at home. We were prepared to bond.

Putting together the Festibond booklets
Putting together the Festibond booklets

I was amazed at Hayley’s letters. She put a lot of thought into them. I don’t know where she got her good ideas!

As we went through reading letters and exchanging gifts, the hugs and kisses were very loving and tight. I sure did like the look on Skye’s face when she opened the present from me to her. I gave her a small purple brush and a framed mirror I painted and decorated with a sea theme and Skye’s name. I was happy to see there were no frowns during the bond (of course), and all smiles instead!

Skye loves my gift
Skye loves my gift

After the bond came a snack of cheese and crackers and homemade sweets, including lemon bread, cookies and chocolate peanut butter bars.

As my family and I know, the letter tradition is a very important part of Festibond, so I think we shouldn’t change it for at least a decade. I look forward to the next Festibond.

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  1. Jenna, I agree that we should keep our tradition of Festibond letters. I love to hear the wonderful and thoughtful things everyone has to say. I thought your gift to Skye was perfect! I love how the photo captures her expression of amazement and appreciation.

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