Kirsten: Festibond 2010 Date With Jenna

Brent and I take each of the girls out on dates as part of our Festibond tradition. The idea for my date with Jenna came to me easily. Recently she has been asking to go to a spa. She has her own unique style whether she’s coordinating her outfits or trying different hairstyles, and she loves painting her fingernails. Getting a manicure together was the perfect Festibond date for us. Jenna was very excited when I suggested it. I wasn’t familiar with the day spas in the area, so I asked for recommendations on Twitter. Our friend Adam suggested Fabu Salon and Day Spa. His girlfriend Kristin highly recommended it. I set up an appointment for Sunday afternoon.

Showing off our French manicures

We went to lunch before our appointment. I’ve been wanting to try Silly’s on the East End in Portland. It has a wide variety of crazy and interesting menu items with equally creative names. Jenna and I both enjoyed our milkshakes. She ordered the “Elvis” (peanut butter and banana) and I had the “Twist and Stout” (Guinness). Not only does Jenna love Elvis Presley (almost as much as Michael Jackson), but she loved the peanut butter and banana combination.

Jenna loved her "Elvis" shake

At Fabu we were greeted warmly by the manicurists who introduced themselves and offered us something to drink. The spa was very nice with a great atmosphere and a lovely view of the Portland harbor. They brought Jenna and I to little tables next to each other. I could sense Jenna’s excitement and anticipation as she laid her hands on the towel and gazed at all the tools, bowls, and various polishes. We both got the signature French manicure. The coconut lime scrub, soak, and the hand massage with coconut lime lotion all felt wonderful. I enjoyed looking over at Jenna and seeing her delight and amazement. She and her manicurist were involved in an engaging conversation. I overheard Jenna asking her several questions. One of them was “How much money do you make?” Her manicurist laughed a little, and said “Enough.” She then explained that it was always different depending on her clients and number of appointments.

Jenna getting her French manicure

The ladies effortlessly and expertly finished our nails, and we were led over to hand dryers to dry them. We were both very happy with our manicures. Jenna noticed another client getting a pedicure and soaking her feet in a tub. Jenna asked if we could go back sometime to do a pedicure and a facial as well. I could tell she had really enjoyed it, and I would love to take her back.

Jenna drying her nails

After our manicure we headed to the mall. We gave each of the girls a set amount of money to spend on their dates with us. Jenna wanted to spend her money to pick out clothes. While we were walking through the Gap a Michael Jackson song started playing, and Jenna couldn’t resist dancing to it. Michael Jackson is her favorite singer. Jenna is very particular about clothing (and about everything else) and didn’t find any clothes she liked.

Jenna grooves to Michael Jackson in the Gap

Brent, Skye, and Hayley met us at the mall to watch Jenna get her ears pierced. Skye had given Jenna a gift card for ear piercing at Claire’s for Festibond. Jenna was very excited to have it done, but when she sat in the chair and looked at the gun she was understandably a little nervous. After the lady pierced the first ear Jenna was visibly surprised, yet she was amazingly tough and maintained her composure. She already has plans to wear hoop earrings when it is time to remove the studs. They look great!

Jenna's new jewelry...and piercings

I had a wonderful time with Jenna. I look forward to future outings together and enjoying her delightful personality and company.

8 thoughts on “Kirsten: Festibond 2010 Date With Jenna”

  1. Wonderful post, Kirsten. Jenna told me the manicure is “definitely worth it,” and even better than getting an American Girl doll like her friend got. :)

    She told me on my date with her that she’s calculated the six weeks she has to leave in her starter earrings to the 14th of February, the day of her class Valentine’s Day party. She wants to be able to wear her new hoop earrings to the party. She was relieved when I said it would be alright for her to put them in on the 13th. :)

  2. I didn’t know that Jenna likes Elvis as well. :) Sounds like you all had a good time on your dates. We should start doing that once in a while.

  3. Thank you Brent. I’m glad Jenna enjoyed our date and that she’s happy with the results.

    Sara, I think of you every time Jenna mentions Elvis. ;-) I think her fondness for Elvis started with the song “Love Me Tender” several years ago.

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