Jenna: Festibond 2010 Date With Kirsten

One of our Festibond traditions is going on dates with mom and dad. First I went on a date with Mom. We went to “Silly’s,” a restaurant in Portland, Maine. The first time I went to Silly’s (with the whole family), the place was crowded. So we couldn’t, shouldn’t, and wouldn’t eat there. This was my first time eating at Silly’s. Mom and I had fun pointing out what was silly. They had pictures hanging on the wall that had stickers saying “eat at Silly’s” somewhere in the picture in funny places, the menus were in lunch boxes, the ceiling lights were decorated to look funny, and so on. I ordered “the Elvis shake” that Mom showed me. It’s a milkshake with peanut butter and bananas. You have GOT to try it! I don’t know how to explain it, but I hope these three words will work. It. Was. Awesome. That was basically my whole lunch, because I didn’t like the $7 pepperoni pizza I ordered. I only ate one tiny slice. Oh, and the slices were small.

Drinking my "Elvis" shake at Silly's

We then drove to “Fabu”, a spa in Portland. After we finally found a place to park, Mom and I walked all the way to Fabu. After Alissa took my coat, I met the women who was giving me a manicure. The two women who were giving Mom and me manicures led us up the stairs and into the spa room. I couldn’t wait! This was also my first time in a spa.

The lady with black hair was going to do my nails. She told me to sit down on one of the big, comfy, black chairs. She filed my nails, soaked them in coconut lime smelling liquid that was green, buffed them, and maybe something else, but I don’t remember. The lady and I talked and talked about everything. Finally, the woman reached for the nail polish. I was getting a French manicure, so the lady painted the tips of my nails white, and the rest clear. She told me that layers help the nail polish stay on longer, and thats why my French manicure is still on as I type this. So she painted very light pink (two layers of that) and than clear again. I liked that she was very neat and careful. To help them dry, she told me to sit in a different chair facing a wooden table with a small blue fan. She told me to put my hands underneath the fan. It seemed like hours until we could release them. But I was still trying to be patient. When it was time to leave, I carefully slipped my jacket on  and said bye to the dark-haired woman.

Drying my nails

I was almost too exited for what Mom and I were going to do next. Guess. GET MY EARS PIERCED!! We drove off to the mall. We went to a few clothing stores including H&M, Forever XXI (21), and Gap. But nothing looked really good to me. Mom suggested Justice, but I’ve been in Justice. I’m not that peace-sign girly girl. Finally, after a million years I saw the letters C-L-A-I-R-E-‘S. It was Claire’s! When I thought I lost my Claire’s gift card, Mom and I went to find it. Then I realized I had turned my coat inside out before I went to the bathroom at the mall so it could be in the inside pockets.

My new pierced ears

Just then Dad, Hayley, and Skye came toward us. I gave Daddy a hug, and told Mom where the gift card could be. I took my coat off, unzipped both pockets, reached in and… TA-DA! I felt my gift card!! A few minutes after I felt the Claire’s card, I found myself sitting nervously on a stool. The ear-piercing person reached out with a long, thin object toward my ear. “Ouch!” Haha. Turned out to be a pen to mark the piercing. I held my breath. Dun, dun, dun!! Pinch! Ow! That stung! Pinch! Ow! That stung! I smiled and hopped off the chair. She went through all the directions with me still smiling. I was proud.

We drove home, with all the events of the day still mixed in our minds. I couldn’t wait to show my friends at school my newly manicured nails and my sparkling earrings.  I had a really good time on our date.

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  1. Jenna, I LOVED our date together! I like how descriptive you were in your blog post. I’m glad you enjoyed the date, and you liked how your nails and ears turned out. I would love to do it again.

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