Kirsten: Festibond 2010 Date With Skye

I love that Brent and I have included dates with each of the girls in our Festibond tradition. Skye first suggested we play pool for our date together. She loved going to Hooters and Side Pockets in Wichita where they had pool tables, but unfortunately the few places with billiards here in the Portland area have age limits. Skye’s second choice was to see the movie “Little Fockers.” She really likes Ben Stiller and has seen many of his movies.

Kirsten and Skye
Kirsten and Skye

Brent, the girls and I met at the mall before our movie to watch Jenna and Skye get their ears pierced. Skye had gotten hers pierced the year before, but the holes closed up after she removed the original studs. She already knew what to expect, and she was very good about preparing Jenna for the procedure. She has been helping Jenna and reminding her about all the steps to taking care of her newly pierced ears.

Skye is happy to have pierced ears again

After the ear piercings Skye and I walked around the mall so she could spend the money Brent and I allotted as her Festibond gift from us. She already knew that she wanted to get some body splash spray from Bath and Body Works and enjoyed testing every scent in the signature collection. She narrowed it down to two sprays and a lotion. We left the store smelling quite fragrant. After looking at clothes and finding nothing she really liked, we headed for the movie. On the way we stopped to pick up a snack for the movie. Skye just got braces, and she cannot eat popcorn until they are off. The movie was very predictable with some funny parts. I enjoyed sitting next to Skye, watching her laugh and make comments.

Skye is ready to watch "Little Fockers"

Skye requested the Sea Dog Brewing Company for dinner. The food was alright. She ordered peppermint cheesecake for dessert, and it was pretty good. It was very nice to sit across from Skye, to talk to her and hear her thoughts and feelings about growing up and about middle school. I love her goofy sense of humor.

Peppermint cheesecake. Yum!

During the drive home Skye put in a CD of songs she liked. She loves listening to the latest music and has an amazing memory. She can recite all the lyrics to a plethora of songs. When “The Way You Love Me” came on we belted out the lyrics right along with Faith Hill. I had such a great time with Skye. I always appreciate the one-on-one time we have together.

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