I think that homeschooling is easy once Dad told us about Richard Dawkins new book, ‘The Magic Of Reality’, because it gave me a lot of questions. Before that, I was clueless with no ideas or big interests. How I like it? Well, I miss friends and all, but I bet I’ll adjust and get used to it. Besides, I still go to art, and strings (Which is so easy I was bored to tears).

I always imagined homeschool like public schools, but at home. Instead, I’m on my own. That’s probably what I’m not used to. Already several people at school that I see when I go to art or strings are very confused when they see that I have a visiter badge.

I’m going to be home schooled until high school. I spend my time with my violin, researching, and reading, and math.

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  1. Jenna, I’m thrilled that Dawkins’ book has inspired you and prompted your curiosity. That’s one of the main reasons we wanted to homeschool you girls–to give you the opportunity to discover your interests, to love learning, to be constantly learning (not just at school), and to learn at your own pace and level without being held back.

    I know you love art and that your art teacher is “inspiring”; I’m glad that you have the opportunity to attend art class. It’s unfortunate that strings at Burns isn’t challenging for you, but I’m glad you have the opportunity to take weekly lessons with Susan. You are improving so quickly, and I love listening to you play!

    I hope you continue to appreciate and enjoy being home schooled. I think it will benefit you tremendously! Very nice post, little lady.

  2. Wow, I didn’t know you were doing this… good for you!
    How many hours a day/week do you do “studies”?
    Who decides what you are going to study, and how are those decisions made?
    What records do you need to keep?

  3. I just discovered this post! Shame on me.

    Steven – The girls don’t have a set schedule or curriculum, so the time varies. Generally, they do science, math, reading and writing. They have a lot of input on the subjects, but we guide them as is necessary.

    The girls keep a notebook of what they do and learn for each subject. I don’t know what is required (I should probably look into that), but it helps the learning process to keep a log and take notes.

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