Festibond 2011

Yesterday was Festibond. Festibond is a tradition where the family gets together to play games, read letters to each other, and have a big family breakfast.

First we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. I got the cinnamon streusel. We had a lot of plates but our table was small, it was loud, and some of the food was disgusting. We decided not to go there next year for Festibond.

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel

When we came home dad finished a letter and we printed the letters out. Then we all went into me and my sisters room to read the letters. First Skye read the letters to everybody and I think she did a very good job on the letters. I loved one of the things she said to me so much I was embarrassed. It was “I am constantly amazed at how you remember and understand things that you watch, hear, and read”. She also gave great hugs. After that I read my letters to people. I loved seeing the smile on their faces and giving big loving hugs. After me dad went. I think he put a lot of thought into it like when he said “passion in life is important. It inspires in people a desire to do their very best. You have passion in abundance, especially for baking”. I loved giving him great big bear hugs. Mom was next in line. She had very great things to say to me like “I love your loud and happy laugh”. It made me want to cry of happiness because it made me feel very proud and glad I could make her happy. Then Jenna went and she made me very happy by saying “I absolutely love how enthusiastic you are about cooking” because I love that she likes that I cook and she liked how happy I am doing it so I’m making two people happy doing one thing.

Kirsten hugs Skye
Hayley hugs Brent
Hugs are an integral part of Festibond
Skye hugs Hayley
Jenna hugs Kirsten

After that we had prepared snack in the past week but we had to do a little more preparing. We all joined in to get it done.

Kirsten and the girls baked lots of treats
Festibond snacks are wicked delish!

Once we finished we were going to play games but then we decided we would just sit around, eat snacks, and talk. We talked about what we were going to do next year for Festibond. In my opinion it wasn’t a good thing to do on Festibond because Festibond is to spend time together not to discuss business.

Then we were full so we watched the Smurfs with popcorn. It was a really good movie. I laughed a lot.

We were getting hungry so we made our own little pizzas on French bread. It was fun making it and it was tasty.

After that we played Hearts and it was really fun. I won Hearts. Then we played Uno Rummy-up and I helped mommy because it is a 4 player game. Skye won Uno Rummy-up. Next we played Pit. Mom, Dad, and Jenna won Pit at least once.

Me, Jenna and Skye made a concert. I played the recorder, Jenna played the violin, and Skye played the harmonica. We played Mary Had A Little Lamb, Hot Crossed Buns, and Au Clair de la Lune.

A private concert

Then we watched Catwoman and I laughed at Dad when he said things like “lets watch something with cats and woman” when we had all ready chose the movie. I love Festibond.

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  1. Hayley, it’s true–you DO make me happy! I loved listening to you laugh during the movie, and you were a great helper during Uno Rummy-Up.

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