Festibond 2011

Festibond this year was on December 27. We went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast, like we did last year. It was really loud and distracting. I ordered cinnamon streusel French toast with bacon and eggs. The streusel tasted like cinnamon rolls. It was very delicious. I also ordered hot cocoa. The food was good, but we didn’t enjoy Cracker Barrel very much, so we’re planning to go to Sea Dog Brewing next year.

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel

After breakfast, my family read letters to each other. That’s twenty letters to read, but it was nice to hear all the nice things people said. Everyone said something about my hair, and my violin skills. All the letters were very thoughtful and true.

Hugs are a big part of Festibond

At about 1:40 pm, my family and I sat around our table and talked and had a bunch of snacks, including: cheese, crackers, bread, sausage and sweets. What Skye said that was really funny was something along the lines of, “We are not going to be hungry.” I thought so, too. I was full before we finished half of all the food. In fact, most of the food ended up going in the refrigerator. My dad was talking about going to the Smithsonian. I was surprised when he said it was free. Skye argued that the Smithsonian was a well-known and well-respected museum, so wouldn’t it be expensive? I thought she was right.

Spending time together
Spending time together

Then we all watched The Smurfs. Skye and I already watched it at a movie theater, and we knew Hayley and maybe Dad and Mom would like it. It was pretty good.

Then we all played Hearts. Hayley won. I tried to shoot the moon, but failed. That’s why I came in last, with 18 points. We then played Uno Rummy-up, and Skye won. If she had been skipped on her last turn, I would have won. All I had on my rack was a Wild card. That would have been easy to play. Uno Rummy-up is one of my favorite games, so despite Skye winning it was really fun.

We made pizzas on French bread. Dad sliced the French bread and I spread on marinara sauce, cheese, pepperoni and olives. They were really good, and they tasted like real pizzas.

At the very end of the day all of my family sat in my sisters room that we share. We have a big flat-screen television. Hayley made popcorn and rushed to get Dad’s pillows. She is really sweet. We all watched Catwoman. I watched most of it, but here and there I read from my book.

Changes I would make would be, yes, a different breakfast place, but burn off some more energy. Maybe going bowling or taking a walk. I like our letter tradition and the card games.

My favorite part of Festibond was playing all the games together. I think it is a good idea because we’re cheering each other on and really spending quality time with each other.

The Danlers

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  1. I really enjoyed playing games too, Jenna. I like your idea of burning off some energy in the way of a family outing.

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