Festibond 2011

I always look forward to Festibond, and the preparations add to my excitement. My sisters and I baked goodies with mom, and we all spent time writing thoughtful letters to each other. I used the thesaurus a lot for my letters, not wanting to use many boring and overused words. I discovered some new words such as “hankering” and “gratify.” I enjoyed expanding my vocabulary while writing my letters.

Family Photo for Festibond of 2011

On Festibond morning, my family and I all purposely matched the color of our outfits. We went to Crackel Barrel like we did last year. When we arrived, we were seated at a small table. The place was loud and bright. When the waitress came, it was interesting to hear how the girls ordered their food. I was impressed with how loudly, clearly, and politely Jenna spoke.  I was surprised at how quietly Hayley spoke, because she’s usually playful and loud. It was cute though, to hear her trying to speak up. I ordered scrambled eggs with cheddar, biscuits and jam, and turkey sausage like I had last year. The eggs were squishy and cheesy, the biscuits were warm and delicious, and the turkey sausage was chewy–better than I remembered. However, I think that next year we should go somewhere less noisy so that we can have a good conversation.

After we left Crackel Barrel and headed home, we read our letters to one another in my sisters’ and my room. I read my letters to each of my family members first. I loved the warm hugs I received after each letter. Of course, after I read Jenna’s letter I received a big kiss on the cheek; she is always theatrical and affectionate like that. Everyone had very nice and meaningful things to say.


You are truly a sweetheart, Skye. Your willingness to actively listen to others demonstrates that you are a good friend and a caring person.


I love your eggs, and absolutely adore your omeletes. You are an amazing chef, therefore, you should work at Palace Diner (just kidding, be a marine biologist)! You seem to do it so easily without making mistakes. You seem to like cooking, too. I’m extremely lucky to have your famous omeletes.


Never have I met a more affectionate person. There is never any doubt about your love, Skye. I appreciate the many hugs I get from you daily. You are sweet, good, fair, and sensitive to the needs and wants of those around you.


Please tell Katie you can’t sleep over because I miss you when you go to her house. You are one special sister and I have proof!

Dad sharing a hug with Jenna and her claws
Mom and Dad sharing a hug
Hayley reading her letters
Dad reads his letters on his iPad
Hayley and Mom sharing a hug
Hayley and Dad sharing hug
Dad an Mom enjoying Festibond

Later we started to play Guesstures; it was hard to talk, act, and eat at the same time, so we stopped. We discussed our next Festibond while consuming fudge, cookies, peppermint shortbread bites, crackers, summer sausage, apples, French bread, and various cheeses. After our discussion, we watched “The Smurfs” and played Pit and Uno Rummy-Up. Then around dinner time we made mini pizzas on French bread.

Festibond snacks!

I love our Festibond tradition. I will continue it with my kids when I grow up. All the activities we do for Festibond play a part in bringing us closer together as a family.

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  1. Even if you don’t do Festibond with your family, Skye, I hope you see that worthwhile traditions maximize love and unity, and that you can choose how to celebrate. It’s not necessary to do what everybody else is doing.

  2. Skye, I’m glad that you appreciate the bonding and family time which is the essence of Festibond. :-)

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