Festibond 2011 – My Date with Dad

My date with Dad was splendid. For this date we both went bowling at Bayside Bowl in Portland, Maine. It was loud and crowded the whole time we were there, but the funny thing is that I completely forgot all the noise when we were putting on our bowling shoes.

Dad bowling

Jenna bowling

When I was renting bowling shoes, I checked my sneaker to see my shoe size, but there was no number. A long time ago I was at a birthday party at Vacationland Bowling with my friend Kaitlin. I faintly remember I got size 5 or 5 1/2. Somewhere around 5. So I decided to get size 5, and it fit almost like I was born to wear them. I’m going to get 5 1/2 next time.

Jenna and Brent at Bayside Bowl

After I borrowed a size 8 ball, Dad and I were ready to bowl. We both played two games with each other, both of which were full of high fives and hugs. Dad gave me lots of bowling tips. Even so, Dad won both games. By the time we finished, there were sixteen minutes left. Dad ordered me a Shirley Temple, which was surprisingly strong but very delicious. Dad got two drinks. Then he played two games by himself. He let me try a couple times without the bumpers, and on one roll I knocked nine pins without bumpers. Dad is fun to bowl with. He is probably so good because he took a bowling class in college.

Jenna bowled well

After Bayside Bowl Dad and I went to Texas Roadhouse, a restaurant supporting Texas. It has uncountable cowboy decorations lining the walls, and the main food is steak, and the most delicious rolls I’ve ever tried.

Jenna at Texas Roadhouse

I ordered a steak with cheese on it, and no side, with water, while Daddy ordered a steak with mushrooms and cheese, fries on the side, a caesar salad and two strawberry margaritas.

Jenna loves steak

Me and my Daddy talked to each other a lot. I felt like Dad was my age, and I could tell him anything. Dad even asked what me and my younger sister fight about. We had a magnifiques time (magnifiques means magnificent in French).

For dessert I ordered a Big Ol’ Brownie. My dad said I had to order it in an accent, which I was nervous to do, but I did anyway. The brownie was basically a circular brownie with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, drizzled with chocolate syrup. It was done very well.

Jenna and her Big Ol' Brownie

On the way home I sung Dad some songs I memorized. I love singing. And I loved our date. And most of all, I love Dad.

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