Festibond 2011 – My Date with Mommy

Yesterday I went on a date with my mom for Festibond. It was really fun. For our date we baked cookies and went to the children’s museum.

First when we got to the children’s museum, we went downstairs to the theater where I put on a puppet show for my mom. At first I was all quiet but after a while I became very playful and mommy jumped in and started putting on the play with me.

I put on a puppet show for Mom.

Mom joined in the puppet show.

Then we went back upstairs and we pretended that I was earning money as a fire fighter so I could go to the market. Then I needed to get gas on my way to the market. After that we finally got to the market and we shopped around but they were out of eggs so I had to go to the barn to get them. We had just put together a whole story about someone going to the market.

I slid down the fire pole for my fire fighter job.
I had fun shopping at the market.

Next we pretended I was a veterinarian helping a dog. The dog had a unknown disease and we could tell because it wasn’t eating. Someone put a little note and a egg in the vet’s mailbox and I pretended they put a egg there because they wanted us to raise the chick inside.

I helped the dog that wouldn't eat.

After that we pretended that we were fishermen. We caught lots of crabs and lobsters. We sold all of them to the market.

Then we went to the second floor and we played with some toys. The toys included a truck that carries logs, a road with holes around it for logs to stick up in as if they are trees, logs, and a log mill. We pretended that someone was in the truck that drove it to the road, chopped down the trees, put it in the back of the truck, drove it to the log mill, and put them in the log mill.

Next we went down two flights of stairs to an activity where we make homemade peppermint stick ice cream. We put peppermint candy in a bag, put a towel over it, crushed it with a mallet, put eggnog in a machine that freezes it and mixes it, and poured the pepperment in. The lady that was in charge of the activity gave us some of the peppermint ice cream. It was really good.

I enjoyed smashing the peppermint for the peppermint stick ice cream.
The homemade peppermint stick ice cream was yummy.

After that mom had to go put more money in the parking meter so she left me in the place closest to the entrance. It was where it had a bunch of balls and slides for the balls. One of the slides had two buckets spinning around at the bottom and you had to let the ball go at the right time so it lands in one of the buckets. Another one of the things there had two ramps, one that went straight down and the other with hills. You let a ball down at the same time at the top of each ramp and see which one gets to the bottom first. We had a lot of fun there.

Then we went back up two flights of stairs and I climbed a fake tree house a bunch of times because it was so fun to climb. Mom said it didn’t look that fun to climb but I said she couldn’t say that because she never tried it.

Next we went to a snowflake activity where we learned a little bit about them, played memory, and made snowflakes. First the lady in charge told us about snowflakes, like how they always have six arm thingys, and you can tell one snowflake is colder than another by how much more detail it has. Next we played memory with snowflake cards. Then I made a paper snowflake.

I made a very cold snowflake because of all the detail in it.

After that we came home, had baked potatos, and made cookies from a recipe in a baking magazine I just got. We made 3 elephant cookies and 17 star cookies. It was hard frosting them because the white chocolate frosting was getting hard fast.

I'm getting the white chocolate ready to spread on the cookies.
I'm decorating the cookies Mom and I made.

I loved my date with mom.

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