Festibond 2011 – My Date With Mom

Every year for Festibond, each of us “sisters” have a separate date with our parents. This year, my mom and I chose to walk around Portland and get to know the city.

Our first stop was the Coastal Maine Popcorn Company. There were many flavors of popcorn. Some common flavors include cheddar, garlic parmesan, and caramel. I thought it was weird that there were flavors such as buffalo wing, sour apple, and red hot cinnamon. There were huge bags of popcorn which were about two gallons! I think it’s silly that they have such huge bags; Nobody should buy that much popcorn for that price at a time.

Mom and I are at the Coastal Maine Popcorn Company

The cheddar popcorn looked really good.

Mom and I then walked to the Old Port Candy Company,a small candy store on Fore Street. Some weird, but interesting candies include chocolate covered potato chips and pickle mints. The bacon flavored items were most interesting. There is bacon frosting, mints, lollipops, and gummies. Mom had recently won a bacon balm and had given it to Jenna, which reminded me of the funny reactions and laughs when Jenna put it on. I enjoyed spending time with Mom at the candy store, and loved laughing with her when we saw weird candy.

We went to many gift shops on the way to lunch. It was enjoyable to see the many funny postcards, magnets, key chains, books, and toys because they were funny. Some items such as a fun straw, “Farts Around the World” book, and a poo log made Mom and me laugh.

Mom is taking a picture of some silly books.
This is so gross!
Mom showed me "Farts Around the World."

Mom and I went to Ri Ra’s for lunch. It’s dimly lit, open spaced, has quiet music, and was not too crowded. My mom and I were seated on the second floor by the window that we could see had a nice view of the ocean, along with some docked boats. I ordered a reuben and sweet potato tater tots. I shared my sweet and crispy tots with Mom. The reuben was crunchy, warm, and delicious. I enjoyed talking to Mom about how our day was going so far and what we were going to do after lunch. Re Ra’s is a nice place to eat and talk.

This is the view from the second floor of Ri Ra's.
Mom enjoys her carrot currie soup.
Lunch is served!

After eating at Ri Ra’s, we headed to Cool-As-A-Moose where I bought a necklace with a turtle hatchling crawling out of its shell. The necklace means a lot to me because I’m fascinated with marine biology.

This is the store Cool-As-A-Moose.

I enjoyed spending time and bonding with Mom. Her laughter to things I said and showed her really made me happy.

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