Festibond 2011 – My Date with Jenna

Jenna and I planned to go to lunch and to Dobrá Tea for our Festibond date together. During the drive to Portland I listened to a lovely concert performed by Jenna herself, with her own funny and spontaneous additions to the songs.

Brent suggested I take Jenna to the Armory Lounge at the Portland Regency Hotel. He was certain that Jenna would love it because it is fancy, and she loves anything fancy and sophisticated. When we walked in she commented about the elegant atmosphere and decór. It was quiet and dark, and we had the place to ourselves. Jenna walked around before deciding on the perfect table.

Jenna and me

Jenna was sold when I pointed out the fruit and cheese plate. She loves cheese and thought it sounded very fancy. I ordered the pear and basil martini which was surprisingly good. As soon as Jenna tried her water, an expression of amazement came over her face. She asked me if some water could taste better than other water. I told her that it could, and explained to her about filtration. She exclaimed, “This is the best water I’ve ever had!”

Jenna outside the Regency Hotel

My reuben came with French fries. When I offered some to Jenna she politely declined, telling me, “This place is too fancy to eat French fries.” She also mentioned that she liked the Armory better than Texas Roadhouse where there were peanut shells dirtying up the floor and loud noises of peanut shells being crushed. She was in awe when the waitress brought her lunch. She marveled at how “artistic” the presentation was with the cheese, crackers, and fruit. She exclaimed, “I think they must have counted out everything exactly, just like I do!” She discovered a new cheese: Gouda. It is now her favorite. When I asked Jenna if she would have liked the waitress to put the cloth napkin into her lap for her, she told me that would be overdoing it; she doesn’t want anyone in her personal space. She was obviously pleased with the Armory. She has always had discriminating taste, and I loved seeing her so delighted.

Jenna ruminates over her fruit and cheese plate.

Jenna developed an interest in tea and teahouses this past year. Since she discovered Dobrá Tea, it has been her favorite place to visit. She must know the entire menu and history of teas by now, and she took the liberty of ordering for us on our date. Her favorite is the Touareg, a Moroccan mint tea. She also selected the Matcha Green Tea Cheesecake, which was delicious. I enjoyed sitting on the cushions at the candlelit table with Jenna, talking to each other and enjoying each other’s company.

Jenna finds a comfortable position to relax at Dobra Tea.
Jenna tests her Touareg tea.
Jenna and I enjoying our tea

When we were finished Jenna asked if we could go shopping at the mall. She specifically wanted a new dress (of course). She was dismayed that all the clothes in her size were so “kiddish” and “faddish,” and she wanted something more “classy.” We finally found a nice sweater dress at Macy’s that she thought was perfect. I thought it looked very nice on her as well.

Jenna blows a kiss to her reflection in the dressing room.

Jenna has had the desire to learn to speak French, and thus has independently taught herself several words and phrases through books and websites. I remember some French from high school, and we sometimes will speak French to each other. Throughout our date we did this, and we even learned some new phrases, such as “vous êtes incroyable” (you are amazing) and “je suis d’accord” (I agree). I love Jenna’s expressiveness and passion. It was nice to have this quality time with her.

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