Festibond 2011 – My Date with Skye

Skye asked if we could walk around Old Port in Portland together and visit the shops in the area for our Festibond date. I hadn’t explored Old Port very much aside from some of the restaurants there, and I thought it sounded like fun. I had a wonderful time hanging out with my oldest daughter, who has recently passed me up in height. She borrowed my shirt, sweater, and shoes for our date together.

It was cold outside, so we first stopped at Starbucks to get some hot drinks to go. Skye ordered the eggnog latte, and I had a flavored espresso. In retrospect, we should have gone to Bard Coffee instead where the coffee is significantly better, but at least the beverages warmed us up as we embarked on our adventure in the chilly winter air.

Skye and me at Starbucks

Skye immediately wanted to go into Coastal Maine Popcorn Company which displayed a wide variety of flavored gourmet popcorn in the window. She loves popcorn, and I think she might still be excited about eating it after not being able to consume it for about a year and a half while she had braces. She tried some samples but then decided it wasn’t worth purchasing any.

We walked into Old Port Candy Company which sells an assortment of amazing handmade fudge and truffles, as well as other tasty, fun, and nostalgiac candies. We were both amused by all the bacon-flavored treats that have recently become popular.

Skye holds a bacon lollipop, one of the many unique bacon-flavored candies at Old Port Candy Company

It was fun to laugh and joke with Skye about some of the gifts and souvenirs we saw in the plethora of gift shops.

We thought these glasses were both disturbing and funny.
Skye brings a baboon marionette to life in one of the gift shops.

Skye recently discovered that she loved reubens, so Brent recommended we go to Rí Rá, an Irish pub, for lunch. Skye was very happy with the reuben there, as well as her sweet potato tater tots. I was disappointed that the “soup of the day” was not my favorite tomato dill, but I decided the curried carrot soup was just as delicious. I ordered my favorite salad with spinach, strawberries, walnuts, and feta cheese. We had a lovely view of Casco Bay upstairs. Skye was surprised and impressed when the waiter boxed up her leftover lunch himself. It was nice to sit down in a quiet setting with Skye and talk about her interests, concerns, and ideas, and to get to know her better without the normal daily distractions.

Skye enjoyed her lunch at Ri Ra.
About to eat my soup and salad.

We continued exploring the shops along Commercial street and discussing Skye’s love for photography and marine biology. Early during our walk Skye found a necklace with a turtle hatchling crawling out of its shell and fell in love with it. We returned to the shop where she’d seen it so that she could purchase it.

Skye walking down the sidewalk in Old Port

It was really nice to have the one-on-one time with Skye and to hear her concerns and thoughts about the changes, discoveries, and challenges she is encountering as she is approaching her teenage years. I appreciated her insight, and I love that she is comfortable disclosing with me her thoughts and feelings. I had fun laughing and talking with her throughout our date, and seeing her excitement about so many things that I often take for granted. She is such a sweetheart!

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