Strings camp

I am going to strings camp next month. It is a big camp in southern Maine where violinists, cellists, violist, and bassists from all over the north east coast come and play their instruments together.
Some reasons I love strings camp is that you practice roughly 7 hours daily. Also there is good food, and lots of activities you can do in the little spare time you have. There are concerts every night played by the councilors and the conductor.
Activities that happen during the week is a party, where there are prizes, games, and decor. There is the campfire, and the dance off. The dance off is where each group of kids (they are sorted in cabins) makes a dance to a song and preforms it on the second to last day. It is really fun.
There is a huge concert at the end of the week, played by all the children attending the camp (it is very big- usually a lot of people have to stand). The last night is filled with solos, duets, chamber groups, an orchestra, a barbecue, and lots of hugs. I just love the last day of the week.
What’s more, my school’s strings teacher is director of the camp.
What I don’t like though, is that they cleaned the boys bathroom first, so the girls bathroom is still filled with huge spiders. Like, I’m talking LOTS of spiders.
Five star rate on strings camp, I’d say!

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