Girl Scout Camp 2012

I went to Girl Scout Camp on the first full week of August. The drive was very long because Girl Scout Camp is far from where we live.

When we got there, we left my stuff in the car and went in and Mom and Dad signed me in. Then, we went to the Trading Post. At the Trading Post, I got a hat, t-shirt, and a backpack. Then, we went in the next part of the building and a counselor gave me a head check.

Then, we got my stuff from the car and walked up the steep and tiring hill to Ledges where I would be staying. When we finally got there, the head counselor, Velveteen, greeted us. Each tent was named after a pizza topping. She told me to go to my tent called Crispy Veggie and to get my swimsuit on for my swim test.

After that, my family and I went into my tent. After they knew I was settled in, they left. Once, I was in my swimsuit with sunblock and mosquito repellent, I walked to everyone else was waiting. We left in a buddy line to go to our swim test. We had to walk all the way back down Killer Hill to the waterfront. By then, we heard thunder which was a sign that it was going to rain. We had to walk all the way back to Ledges and it started to pour as soon as we got in our tent.

In my tent, I met all of the people that share the Crispy Veggie tent with me. They were Abby who was crazy about giraffes and had many stuffed animal giraffes on her bed and was really funny; Addie, who wore glasses and was funny; and Erica, who was very funny and always wore braids. We got out of our swimsuits and into our PJs, got in bed and just talk to each other.

At 9:00 pm, my five counselors, Artemis, Gizmo, Barbie, Chip, and Velveteen (Those are code names except Gizmo) came in and gave us Bug Hugs. A Bug Hug is where we squeeze their hands through the bug net which goes over our beds. Then, we went to sleep.

The next day, Velveteen called, “Good morning Ledges! Time to wake up!” at 6 am. We got ready for the day and then went to breakfast at the Chalet. After breakfast, we went back to Ledges and I got ready for my first activity: Outdoor Living Skills (OLS). When I got there, we learned what types of woods there were: kindling, fuel, and tender. Next, we learned the three types of wood structures: A-frame, log cabin, and tepee. I was teamed up with two other girls to collect fuel wood. When we got all of our wood, we put a tepee inside our log cabin fire with birch bark underneath. We lit a match and put it under the birch bark. After that, we shaved sticks with pocket knifes.

Then, I went back to Ledges and got ready for my next activity, which is hiking. Once i got there we learned what to pack on a hike, what to do if someone gets hurt on a hike, and what to do on a hike. When we got back to Ledges, all the people in Ledges cleaned the showers.

After that, we went to lunch. Then, we went back to Ledges for Siesta for quiet time. We could not talk at all.

Finally, I went to archery! In archery, we learned the rules of bow and arrows, whistle commands, the parts of bows and arrows, and how to shoot bows and arrows. Group one went after but then there wasn’t enough time for group two which I was in.

Again, I went back to Ledges and got ready for my next activity, which was Sports. We played Badminton and then played soccer which was so fun.

After that, I went back to Ledges and got ready for Open Area, which was showers for Ledges. We went to the shower house and there were enough showers for everyone but me so I brushed my teeth while waiting. When there was a shower open for me but when I finished up, everyone was waiting for me. We went back to Ledges and got ready for dinner. We went to the evening Flag Ceremony (where some girls let down a flag) and then went to dinner.

At dinner they announced we were going to have a beach party. Then, we went back to our unit and dressed up for the party. Next, we went to the party where I played with beach balls.

We did something usual to that every day.

One of my highlights of the week was the fashion show and ice cream party where the counselors dressed up and we ate ice cream sandwiches! It was such a fun party! My counselors Barbie and Velveteen dressed up as hippies and my counselor Chip dressed up as a gangster.

Chip will not eat anything with her hands she even ate popcorn with a fork! My two best friends there were Josie and Cheyenne. I got a care package every day from my family the letters were so sweet and I got a little gift in each one.

In all I really loved girl scout camp and I want to go again next year!

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