Festibond 2012: My Date With Jenna

Jenna recently went on a field trip to watch the ballet performance of The Nutcracker with her 6th grade class. She absolutely loved it. She has long appreciated fine arts and orchestral music, and discovered a new interest in ballet. I enjoy watching ballet myself, and decided attending a ballet together would be perfect. The Maine State Ballet Theater in Falmouth was holding performances of “The Magic Toy Shop” this past weekend, and Jenna was delighted when I suggested we get tickets for our Festibond date this past Saturday.

Jenna and I about to watch "The Magic Toy Shop"
Jenna and I about to watch “The Magic Toy Shop”

The following is the story as written in the program:

The Toymaker is open for business. His dolls are the best in town. Two families are hoping to please their children with a purchase, but both children want the Can Can dolls. A compromise is made and the dolls are slated to be sold separately. During the night the dolls devise a plan to keep their friends together.

This one act ballet was amazing! Both Jenna and I enjoyed it very much. The dancers performed so gracefully, and we were easily able to understand the story by their dramatic expressions and gestures. It was beautiful, humorous, and captivating. When I asked Jenna if she wanted to see “Alice in Wonderland: A Comic Ballet” in May, she enthusiastically affirmed without hesitation.

Tarentella Dolls
Tarentella Dolls
The Can Can Dolls didn't want to be separated.
The Can Can Dolls didn’t want to be separated.
Jenna at the Maine State Ballet Theater
A sophisticated-looking Jenna at the Maine State Ballet Theater

We researched restaurants in the area, and Jenna picked Ricetta’s Brick Oven Ristorante for our dinner afterward. I went with the Florentine pizza. It was good except that the crust is thin and crispy, and I prefer thick and doughy. Also, I forgot that I don’t like tomatoes on pizza. Jenna opted to create her own masterpiece so she could choose the exact toppings she wanted. She ordered an IBC root beer, which was quite a treat for her since the girls rarely ever drink soda. Jenna decided the turtle cheesecake looked good for dessert. She was right…it was delicious! I enjoyed watching her savor every bite. Her facial expressions are very dramatic.

Jenna enjoys her IBC root beer
Jenna enjoys her IBC root beer
The turtle cheesecake was fabulous!
The turtle cheesecake was fabulous!

I love that Jenna appreciates the fine arts. She seems to prefer the more refined and cultured styles, activities, music, and restaurants. I had a wonderful time with Jenna and enjoyed discussing various subjects with her. We talked about the amazing choreography and talent of the ballet dancers, which led to a discussion about expression, dedication, passion, and practice. She disclosed things she had been feeling and thinking about. I loved it especially because she doesn’t often open up and share what is on her mind. She is a sweetheart, and I look forward to more outings together with her.

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