Festibond 2012: My Date With Dad

Since we started discussing Festibond this year, I have been so excited about the dates that each of us girls have with Mom and Dad individually. With Mom, I went to the movies and to dinner. On Wednesday, Dad and I went on our Festibond date of 2012.

After Mom dropped me off at Dad’s office, Dad and I headed to his car and drove up to Otto’s Pizza. I ordered water as my drink, but rather than tap water, I received bottled water. Dad later explained to me that there was a water break in Portland, Maine, so the fountains and tap water were not necessarily safe to drink. I ordered mashed potato, bacon, and scallion pizza, the kind I always get when I go to Otto’s. Dad and I talked about my friends, family, and school. It was great bonding time.

Dad at Otto's Pizza
Dad at Otto’s Pizza

After dinner, Dad and I drove to the Civic Center, where we were going to watch a Portland Pirates hockey game. Dad had ordered tickets ahead of time, so it took us no time at all to get to our seats from the car. We were seated in the second to front row by the ice rink. The view was amazing and I could see the game going on from up close. We sat behind a woman and her friends. The woman had glasses without lenses and I could easily predict that Dad was going to ask her why. Sure enough, he did. I love how I can predict what he’s going to do. It makes me feel more close and connected with him.

Portland Pirates tickets
Portland Pirates tickets
My dad and I at the Portland Pirates hockey game
My dad and I at the Portland Pirates hockey game

During the first two periods of the game, the Pirates were losing, but in the last period, within twenty-five seconds of each other, the Portland Pirates scored two goals and won the game 3 to 2.

The time I spent with my dad that night was great and I loved bonding with him. I love talking to him about my problems, friends, and hearing about how he’s doing and the stories he has to share.

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