Festibond 2012 – My Date with Mom

Recently my mother and I went on a mommy-daughter date for Festibond. Festibond is a holiday my family and I have during the holiday season to bond with meaningful, exciting, and definitely fun activities. Well, one of these traditions is going on dates with family members.

My mom and I first had gone to a ballet near Portland. It was called, ‘The Magic Toy Shop’. My mom and I were very impressed by the dancers’ striking flexibility and expressions. The ballet was very funny too. You could tell the diversity of the children’s personalities, the parents, and the toys.

Mom and I about to watch "The Magic Toy Shop"
Mom and I about to watch “The Magic Toy Shop”

The Can Can Dolls didn't want to be separated.
The Can Can Dolls didn’t want to be separated.

My mom and I discussed why ballets are so great. The ballerinas tell a story without talking, and that is what makes it good because they exaggerate their expressions/actions, so you understand the story. It makes the scene more moving.

After the ballet, we went to a pizza place called Ricetta’s. The pizza was very hard to eat, since my toppings kept falling off. But I had a great time, nevertheless. I just love spending time with mom. In fact, I would be satisfied if we went on a date trying to find a needle in the Saco dump.

The turtle cheesecake was fabulous!
The turtle cheesecake was fabulous!

My mom and I had some great discussions. Kirsten told me a story about her two car crashes. I thought her life must’ve been very scary. I wish I could spend time with my mom more, because she is great to hang out with. I’m glad she shares my love of the arts: ballet, music, etc.

Looking forward to next Festibond!

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