Festibond 2012: My Date With Brent

Our Festibond dates wouldn’t be complete if Brent and I didn’t have a date together. Brent told me he wanted to take me to see the latest “Les Miserables” movie at the theater. There were other movies showing that I knew Brent would prefer, but he said to me: “‘Les Mes’ would be better, because when I think of it I think of you. And I really want to think of you.” It was very touching and sweet of him!

Brent enjoyed his "Heated Affair" margarita
Brent enjoyed his “Heated Affair” margarita

On Friday night, the day before our family Festibond, Brent and I went out on our date. He suggested we eat at Grace Restaurant for dinner. I met him at work and rode with him to Grace. We were both immediately drawn to the “Heated Affair” on the drink menu. The description read: “house infused strawberry-jalapeno-pineapple tequila margarita.” Brent loves jalapenos, and margaritas are usually his mixed drink of choice. We both ordered one, and agreed that it was delicious. Our waitress, Brandie, was wonderful. Her personality was charismatic, and her description of the menu items was poetic and enticing. Brent said it made him want to order everything on the menu. My lamb with sweet potatoes and kale was absolutely delectable! I love the character and atmosphere of Grace, which was previously a church built in the 1850’s.

Brent takes a photo of his amazing dinner
Brent takes a photo of his amazing dinner
My lamb special was fabulous!
My lamb special was fabulous!

After dinner we hurried down to the Saco Cinemagic theater to catch the 18:30 showing of “Les Miserables.” I was really looking forward to watching it; I know and love the story and music very well. I have seen the musical on Broadway and watched the 1998 version of the film. I was so captivated by the movie that it didn’t at all seem to be the entire 157 minutes long. There were many parts which touched me emotionally and caused me to cry, but one scene in particular with Fantine and Cosette hit especially close to home, and I was sobbing. Brent noticed and reached for my hand. I absolutely loved it, and I told Brent in the end that I thought it was excellent. Not only is the story moving; but the acting, singing, and makeup were incredible.

I really enjoyed the time I spent with my sweetheart, Brent. I always do. It was nice to sit across from each other at dinner at talk, and to look at his gorgeous, smiling face. I loved sitting next to him in the movie theater, holding his hand, stealing looks and making occasional comments to each other. These are moments I cherish.

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  1. Sounds like th date was as wonderful as you looked! I am so glad you had such a wonderful time. If anyone deserves a great night out, it’s you! Sending hugs to you and the family’.

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