Because of his youth and the size of his ears

The Pentagon has repeatedly denied requests to have the 74 names added to the war memorial. A bill introduced in 2001 by former Rep. Stephen Horn, R Long Beach, known as the Fairness to All Vietnam Veterans Act, sought to re examine policies for placement on the memorial wall but ultimately failed..

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It makes that 0 for 4 a little easier to deal with because you

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This way, no one else can read the card besides the designated

officers track escaped monkey in treetops near clemmons

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There can never be a dearth in the demand for real estate

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Festibond 2012: Jenna

Yesterday we had Festibond, and we had a change this year. Our new activity was the talent show.

First, we went to breakfast at The Good Table, a Greek restaurant, in Cape Elizabeth. It was a long drive, but it was worth it. The second we walked through the door, we could smell the hot cinnamon rolls. They were huge cinnamon rolls!

Hayley's enormous cinnamon roll
Hayley’s enormous cinnamon roll

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Festibond 2012: Kirsten

Festibond, the annual Danler holiday we started several years ago, has been a very rewarding and wonderful tradition for our family. Each year we choose a day at the end of December to celebrate Festibond. In the two weeks leading up to Festibond Brent and I have one-on-one dates with each of the girls and with each other. It is a valuable part of our bonding with each other, and I absolutely look forward to them.

This year we decided on December 29 for our Festibond. We always start out the day going out to eat for breakfast. Brent suggested The Good Table Restaurant in Cape Elizabeth this time. We wanted a place with good food and a nice atmosphere in which we could sit and talk without distractions. It was fun to be entertained by the girls and their singing and jokes as we drove up to Cape Elizabeth. The food was alright, but not amazing. However, when we all tried Hayley’s cinnamon bun we agreed that it was very good; each of the girls ordered one to take home. I enjoyed sitting with Brent and the girls around the table, talking, laughing, and discussing ideas and plans for the future.

Breakfast at The Good Table
Breakfast at The Good Table
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Festibond 2012 – My Date With Kirsten

Kirsten at Grace
Kirsten at Grace

Normally Kirsten and I take each of the girls out on a date for Festibond, but we don’t go on one together. This year I proposed that she and I go on a Festibond date, too, to which enthusiastically she agreed.

Kirsten had wanted to see the film “Les Miserables,” which was fine with me. I knew she has liked the story for a long time, and would enjoy the movie.

Kirsten made reservations to one of our favorite Portland restaurants, Grace. The building is a gorgeous repurposed church, which is far more useful than teaching innocent children to fear an angry deity. I digress.

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Festibond 2012 – My Report

The girls and me
The girls and me

2012 was the sixth year we did “Festibond.” It’s the annual celebration in which our singular purpose is to strengthen the bonds that hold our family together and make it great. It’s a collection of traditions including dates, letters, hugs, snacks, games, and breakfast. In 2007, the first year we had Festibond, it was an alternative to Christmas, a holiday I find incredibly silly. It’s no longer a replacement holiday; Festibond is entirely its own thing, and Christmas is something other people do.

Saturday, December 29, was the day this year that worked best with all of our schedules. In the weeks prior, we drafted our letters to each other and planned and went on dates. I took Skye to a Portland Pirates hockey game, Jenna bowling, Hayley to a movie, and Kirsten and I, who don’t normally go out as part of Festibond, went to dinner and watched a movie.

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