Festibond 2012 – My Date With Kirsten

Kirsten at Grace
Kirsten at Grace

Normally Kirsten and I take each of the girls out on a date for Festibond, but we don’t go on one together. This year I proposed that she and I go on a Festibond date, too, to which enthusiastically she agreed.

Kirsten had wanted to see the film “Les Miserables,” which was fine with me. I knew she has liked the story for a long time, and would enjoy the movie.

Kirsten made reservations to one of our favorite Portland restaurants, Grace. The building is a gorgeous repurposed church, which is far more useful than teaching innocent children to fear an angry deity. I digress.

Last Friday Kirsten picked me up from work just before 17:00. She was able to meet a couple of my colleagues, Bill and Amy, which was nice. From there we drove a few blocks up the peninsula to Grace.

Grace has a dark, open, quiet atmosphere. The main area that used to be lined with pews is now a large, beautiful bar, and the front of the old church is now the kitchen. We were seated at a small table at the side, which was intimate and nice.

Our server, Brandie, was amazing. The way she described the menu items, and the care the chef made in selecting ingredients and preparing them into delectable dishes, made me want to order everything on the menu. She was funny, too. When I said that my appetizer was nearly orgasmic, she looked at Kirsten and suggested she might be off the hook, then.

Kirsten and I both ordered the Heated Affair cocktail, which was absolutely divine. The jalapeƱo hits initially with a nice hot bite, followed immediately by the sweetness of the strawberries and pineapple.

My appetizer was an amazing duck sausage in a pork casing, with a fresh pretzel and brown mustard.

Duck sausages and a pretzel
Duck sausages and a pretzel

For my entree I ordered a hanger steak and green beans. It was cooked perfectly, and very delicious.

Hanger steak and green beans
Hanger steak and green beans

It was nice to enjoy good food with Kirsten, which we don’t do enough, and to talk about the myriad things going on in our busy lives. We spend a lot of meaningful, quality time together, but it’s always nice to make it extra special, and going out for Festibond certainly does just that.

After dinner Kirsten dropped me back at my parking garage. Then, we both raced down to Saco to catch the movie. It was good, but really long. I liked the story, and thought the film makers did a fantastic job. The acting was exceptional, as was the scenery and makeup. Occasionally, I looked over to see Kirsten crying, and didn’t really get why. Then I realized the similarities between the story and what she is currently facing. The poor woman, Fontaine, died, leaving her daughter to be raised by someone else. The tears certainly made sense.

I’m glad Kirsten is healthy enough to go out with me and enjoy herself, if just a bit. I’ll take all I can get.

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