Amongst his favorite things to do are late night reading of

In 1990, he was awarded the medal of the French Legion of Honor for his work in French cultural studies.Along the way, Professor Maniquis has been a shoe shine boy, a gang member, a boy scout, a dishwasher, a golf caddie, a bowling alley pinboy, a grave digger, a coffin polisher, a hamburger slinger, an automobile worker, a plumber’s assistant a human subject in band aid experiments, a lab assistant charged with brushing hamster’s teeth, an organist in a Baptist church, a truck driver, a foreman on an Oregon blackberry farm, an assistant to a private detective, a dialogue coach for several films, a script doctor, a private tutor to the fabulously rich, a translator, and the producer of orchestral music for a silent film.He has also collected stamps. But his favorite work and pastime has been as a teacher of literature. He has most enjoyed teaching courses on the Bible as Literature, Marxist theory and Literature, Literature and Politics, Literature and Philosophy, The Discourses of Vice in Literature and seminars on William Blake, Sir Walter Scott, Jean Jacques Rousseau, and Jane Austen.Amongst his favorite things to do are late night reading of anything and everything with neither discipline nor purpose, going to the movies, back packing in the Sierras, scuba diving Cheap Jerseys, deep sea fishing, trout fishing, playing chess, playing poker, drinking good French wine, eating as many varieties of oysters that he can, intentional sleep deprivation in Los Angeles, and sleeping la belle toile on the banks of the Seine in Paris..

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