This series, we could easily be down, Williams said

“His Bible studies did make the men strong.” 473rd to die December 26, 2003 Army Spc. Charles G. Haight, 23, Fort Lewis, leaves behind a wife and 10 month old son in Pierce County. In an area like this, the transformation goes well beyond the resources available to Na Wai Ola. The school does what it can to keep the students and even their families afloat. It provides complimentary lunch to all of its children, regardless of their eligibility for free or discounted meals through the federal government’s subsidy program at a cost of $5,000 per month, according to Caluya.

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Figure 3 are FEG/SEM images and relative EDS analysis on the erionite sample revealing the presence of micrometric particles at the surface of the erionite fibres. From the EDS analysis on the brighter clusters, it is clear that they are enriched in iron with respect to the fibre bulk. Figure 4 is another beautiful TEM picture witnessing the presence of micro to nano metric flakes associated to the erionite fibres.

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