New School year

I’m in 7th grade now, and I am so happy to see my friend again! My favorite subject is science, like last year. Even though I really miss the Toucan team, I like my new team too.

There were some major changes this year in Saco Middle School. One, I have a new orchestra teacher. Two, the 7th/8th grade get to have iPads, which are really efficient. They reduce clutter, help us keep organized, and it… saves paper!

I’m in chorus this year, but I’m sorta kinda having second thoughts about it because the songs are not all that great. But we’ll see how it turns out.

It’s been about a month since the first day of school, and I am surprised at how quickly it’s passed by. In that one month, I’ve boosted many interests, mostly writing. I’m in the literature magazine club, and after we brainstormed ideas, I’ve been in the writing mood ever since! Now I can’t get away from my iPad, typing away at my new story, called ‘Unreachable.’ It’s a secret until I get it published. So don’t ask.

I know this year will be a great one, because I learned my lesson from last year, procrastinating all the time.

Happy Hanukkah,
Jenna Danler

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