Festibond 2013: My Date with Hayley

Hayley and I had our Festibond date planned for several weeks. She and I were going to make a gingerbread house together. She was very excited about it. We also planned on going to a movie afterward. The day before our date, we went shopping for candy. It was fun to plan our our house ahead of time, and then find the plethora of candy necessary to achieve our creation. We found a good gingerbread recipe and used stencils I’d printed out from a website.

We baked the gingerbread pieces the day before our date as well, because I learned that it would make the gingerbread more dried-out and sturdy. Skye kindly volunteered to take pictures, so most of the photos I give credit to her. Thank you, Skye!

We used muffin tins to separate all the candy.
We used muffin tins to separate all the candy.
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Festibond 2013: My Date with Skye

It took Skye a while to decide what she wanted to do for our Festibond date together. Early last week she said, “Let’s get manicures.” I thought that was a great idea. I usually keep my fingernails really short because they annoy me when I’m typing. Fortunately I hadn’t gotten around to cutting them for a while, so they would look better with polish.

We started out our date last Friday the 27th driving to Portland with music blasting while we loudly and enthusiastically sang along. It’s a tradition of ours when we ride in the car together, and great fun. Our first stop was Miss Portland Diner for breakfast. We’ve been there several times, so we knew the food was pretty good. Skye had her usual eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast, as well as a hot chocolate. I ordered the Greek omelette, which was really good. Spinach, mushrooms, and feta cheese make almost anything better. It was really nice sitting with Skye and talking about various things going on in her life.

Skye smiles over her  breakfast at Miss Portland Diner.
Skye smiles over her breakfast at Miss Portland Diner.
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Festibond 2013: My Date with Jenna

Jenna loves the arts and especially enjoys attending the theater to watch plays. When I asked her if she’d like to see a play for our Festibond date together this year, she quickly said yes. I originally wanted to take her to see Annie playing at the Lyric Music Theater in South Portland. I’d met a couple of great people at TEDxDirigo last month who were both performing in it. Unfortunately by the time I tried to purchase tickets, it was sold out. I searched other theater, ballet, and music venues, and Jenna decided on The Snow Queen playing at Portland Stage.

Jenna reads the program for the play "Snow Queen" that she and I attended at Portland Stage for our Festibond date.
Jenna reads the program for the play “Snow Queen” that she and I attended at Portland Stage for our Festibond date.
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Skye and Jenna Go to the Salon

Skye has been asking me for a couple months now if she could get her hair cut. Jenna started asking if she could get hers cut as well, and finally I made them an appointment at Akari in Portland. When I told Skye yesterday that I made them an appointment for this morning, she was so excited; she nearly cried. She was very excited to get the short hairstyle she wanted, and Jenna was looking forward to having several inches cut off her long, beautiful locks, and to get bangs as well.

Akari is very nice with a comfortable waiting area and a drink bar with tables as well. Brent and I already knew Jenny, who is very sweet, and she’d cut my hair previously. She was scheduled to cut Jenna’s hair today. Skye had Ashley as her hair stylist. Yes, I was one of those annoying parents who frequently walked over to take pictures of them during the process. They didn’t seem to mind at all and were very nice about it. Brent stopped by briefly to say hello and to take a few photos himself.

Jenna and Skye after getting their hair cut.
Jenna and Skye after getting their hair cut.
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