Festibond 2013: My Date with Jenna

Jenna loves the arts and especially enjoys attending the theater to watch plays. When I asked her if she’d like to see a play for our Festibond date together this year, she quickly said yes. I originally wanted to take her to see Annie playing at the Lyric Music Theater in South Portland. I’d met a couple of great people at TEDxDirigo last month who were both performing in it. Unfortunately by the time I tried to purchase tickets, it was sold out. I searched other theater, ballet, and music venues, and Jenna decided on The Snow Queen playing at Portland Stage.

Jenna reads the program for the play "Snow Queen" that she and I attended at Portland Stage for our Festibond date.
Jenna reads the program for the play “Snow Queen” that she and I attended at Portland Stage for our Festibond date.

I remembered Jenna mentioning that she liked Sea Dog Brewing Company, so she and I went to dinner there on Saturday evening, the 21st of December. I ordered the black bean soup, which wasn’t bad. Jenna had the chicken & broccoli Alfredo. She said it was “Okay, but it had too much sauce.” Nevertheless, I enjoyed Jenna’s company and had a nice time talking to her about school, friends, and future plans.

We had some time between dinner and the play, so we went to the Maine Mall to shop. Jenna picked out a shirt and sweater at H&M, which was more “mature” and classic than the junior clothing being sold. Jenna doesn’t care for the styles or fads of teenagers, her taste being different and more sophisticated. She has a difficult time shopping, because she rarely finds things in her size that she likes.

We then headed to Portland Stage to watch The Snow Queen. We had pretty good seats at the front, which was nice. The play was very well done. They were very creative with their use of props and special effects, and the actors/actresses performed beautifully. It was a touching story with bits of comedy throughout. I enjoyed watching it. Jenna seemed to be engaged in it the whole time, and told me later that she really liked it.

Me and my buddy Jenna
Me and my buddy Jenna

I loved spending time with Jenna, as I always do. She’s been opening up, speaking up, and talking more lately, which is wonderful. She has many meaningful, interesting thoughts, ideas, and insights. We had a great Festibond date together!

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