Festibond 2013: My Date With Dad

Dad and I took awhile to decide what we were going to do for our Festibond date. Finally, we decided upon watching a Bob Marley comedy show after eating burgers at Five Guys. As it so happened, I had gone on my date with my mom that morning. After my date with Mom, she was going on her date with my little sister Hayley. She brought us both up to Portland, because she was going to see a movie with Hayley in Portland and she was going to drop me off at Dad’s office.

The Bob Marley show started at 19:00, but Mom’s movie with Hayley started at 16:30. She dropped me off at Dad’s work, and Dad worked while I played games and stuff on my computer. His office is nice, because he has his office in a large conference room with a TV and windows. I love hanging out with Dad at his work. I have done it many times before this date. Each time is enjoyable. Anyway, Dad and I left for Five Guys at around 17:30. The walk only took a few minutes and Dad and I talked about Jenna, abortions, and more that came into our minds.
I haven’t liked burgers my whole life. In fact, I only started them when I had first tried a Grace burger not too long before. We got burgers and fries and ate while talking more about our lives, the boys in mine, and the work in his. The hamburgers and endless fries were delicious.

Afterwards, we were going to head over to the Bob Marley show at the Merrill Auditorium. First, Dad brought me to Candy Co. and I got some chocolate covered caramel popcorn. I was stuffed, but I started eating it on our walk to the show and I continued eating it throughout the show because it was really good. Dad also shared the candy he got with me.

When we arrived at the Merrill Auditorium, it took us awhile to find our seats even after asking many people for directions. The seats were in the balcony, and we were high up. The height scared me at first, but I got used to it after awhile. The comedian, Krazy Jake was up first, and he was hilarious. So was Bob Marley and the last comedian. They had hilarious Maine humor.

I didn’t get all the jokes and Dad had to explain them to me, but I could tell he enjoyed seeing me laugh. I enjoyed hearing him laugh as well. It was enjoyable. Spending time with him is amazing and I especially love spending time with him doing stuff we enjoy.

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