Festibond 2013 – My date with Dad

For my date with dad I we decided to go bowling and to an Italian restaurant. My dad wanted to take me somewhere fancy, so we chose Piccolo over Olive Garden or other cheap Italian places. I warned Dad that fancy restaurants scare me sometimes because they have food I don’t like. For example, many fancy restaurants have lobster and I despise lobster! I also don’t feel comfortable when dad pays a lot of money for me, but that is besides the point.

We went bowling at Bayside Bowl. Usually it is not that crowded, but on the day after Christmas, it was pretty filled up! All the lanes were filled and there were people in line to go next. It didn’t look good. Dad and I decided to wait at the bar for our turn. It would only allow us to play for 30 minutes, but it was too late to change our plans. I ordered a ginger beer at the bar, and talked to dad. It may not have been as exciting as bowling, but I loved it just the same.

Finally, we got to bowl! I started out getting used to it, because I haven’t bowled with normal sized bowling balls for a while; I mostly go candlepin bowling. But after a few rolls, I got the hang of it. I didn’t even get a spare, but it was fun nonetheless. Dad won, having many strikes and spares… he’s been bowling way longer than I have.

At 7:30, we arrived at Piccolo, the fancy Italian restaurant. It was smaller than I expected. In fact, it was about as big as four pickup trucks side by side. We hung up our coats (wow, must be fancy) and sat down to candle light. Dad ordered a rabbit, and I ordered lamb. Dad and I talked about all sorts of cool things, and snacked on some yummy bread and sampled cheeses. When my lamb came, I was nervous to eat it because I had never tried lamb before. After I tasted it, I thought it wasn’t that bad. It took forever to chew, though! Dad loved my potatoes.

I had a really fun time with dad. Even though the lamb was tough, and the bowling place was really full, it was the best date I’ve had with him in a while.

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