Festibond 2013 – My Date with Mom

Mom and I went to see a play for our Festibond date. We were originally going to see “Annie,” but by the time mom went online to buy tickets, they were sold out. Instead, we saw “The Snow Queen,” a seasonal play in Portland. Mom and I both like plays, ballets, concerts, etc. Before the play, we went to dinner at Sea Dogs Brewing Company.

Mom and I had fun on our date.
Mom and I had fun on our date.

Sea Dogs Brewing Company didn’t go as well as I planned. Mom and I had fun talking and laughing, but the pasta I ordered was really soggy and had too much sauce. Mom seemed to like hers, as she brought home the leftovers. It was fun, nevertheless. I have to say, the play went better and we bonded even more than we did at dinner.

Before the play, Mom and I sat at a small table, waiting for the employees to let us in. We talked a lot, and I thought we should go on dates more often.  I asked her questions, and munched on a huge cookie. The play was almost going to start, and we were both excited!

I'm reading the program for "Snow Queen."
I’m reading the program for “Snow Queen.”

“The Snow Queen” was a phenomenal play! They used very decent props. I especially liked the carriage and the river props. I didn’t really understand why Ba the reindeer and Gerda were such good friends so fast. They were traveling a lot, but they were friends even before their trip together.

On our ride home, mom and I talked about the play. We both loved it! I really had fun with Mom.

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