My family had lived in the same apartment in Saco for nearly ten years. The proximity to Thornton Academy, downtown Saco, and Biddeford was ideal, but my dad had been talking about moving for years. This Autumn, we started looking at different houses with a realtor and it started to feel very real. The whole process was very exciting.

Now, we’ve lived in the Park street lofts for over a month and it’s just beginning to feel like home. My favorite things about it are all the big windows, the kitchen space and appliances, and the “openness”. Every morning, sunshine from the East streams into the dining room and makes everything warm and colorful. It’s quiet and peaceful. Whereas at our former apartment, the windows were closer to the ground and smaller, so the sunrise was not as great. I love that my sisters, dad, and I spend more time together because the loft is more open.

I’m glad that we were able to have Thanksgiving at our new loft. Our Aunt Christina, Brent’s sister, came over for Thanksgiving break. We had a traditional Thanksgiving meal on our new table. It felt homey. Our new kitchen is easy and comfortable to use, so we are cooking and having family meals more often.

We finally closed on our new loft at 18 Park Street in Saco.
We finally closed on our new loft at 18 Park Street in Saco.

The porch

I like how big it is.
I like how big it is, and the close proximity to TA.

Another thing I like about living here is that our neighbors are friendly. There are 33 other units, and I know I have yet to meet everyone. There is a girl named Fiona on the first floor who goes to TA, and I’ve walked to school with her before. A few days ago, my family went to a loft holiday party, where I met many other people and learned about them. We sang Christmas Carols, ate food, and made conversation. I like when I run into one of my neighbors in the elevator lobby when I am checking the mail.

The only drawback is that there are few walls and no doors. This is positive most of the time, but I don’t like it when I’m practicing my violin (because everyone can hear me and the sounds from everyone else carries too), or when I’m trying to sleep and the lights are on, and I don’t have very much privacy. This was a bigger concern to me before we moved, but now that we’ve been here for over a month, it doesn’t bother me so much. Over all, I love living here and I’m excited to have people over.

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