Moving In: Skye

I’ve lived in Maine for most of my life and up until about two months ago, that’s been in the same apartment. I’d been craving a change for years. My dad has discussed moving with the family on many accounts, but it wasn’t until recently that he began to take action. We viewed three places in the span of two days in September with our amicable realtor, Michelle. The three home were all so different, it’s hard to compare them. However, it’s easy to say that the loft we viewed won our hearts by a wide margin and we proceeded to buy it. Moving was easy as we hired real professionals. Moving Again Backloading was so quick I could not believe they managed to load all out life into trucks within several hours.

A good day to close on a loft.
Getting stuff ready to be moved out of our former place.

The loft is drastically different from our former home. There are only three rooms and since I’m leaving for college in less than a year, I volunteered to share a room with my youngest sister, Hayley. Rooming with her reminds me of when my sisters and I all shared a room when we were younger. Every night was a routine of getting in bed and proceeding to tell my sisters for hours to stop talking. They’d be quiet for a few minutes before carrying on a whispered conversation once again. That’s no longer a problem with Hayley as we both have so much to do with school now and are eager for the opportunity to finish and go to sleep.

My favorite thing about living here is how open it is. Rather than subsiding in our own rooms with doors closed (the only door at the loft is for the bathroom), we do our work together at the dining table with Dad’s desk in close proximity. Whether it’s due to Hayley’s lack of cleanliness or the lovely atmosphere of being together, the desk in our room is no longer appealing for work anyway. Leftovers are now plentiful with constant lunches and dinners being made together. Movie nights occur more often than they used to despite the current wait for a new living room setup. The loft is keeping our little family together which is needed with Mom gone.

The loft is beginning to feel like our home with a chalkboard wall, beautifully designed furniture, and Danler quirks such as having three gallon bags of rolls on the bar. Along with our additions, the morning view never ceases to amaze me. With windows everywhere I look, the sunrise is apparent the minute I open my eyes. My phone has become cluttered with pictures of the various colors and clouds seen every morning from our loft on the fourth floor. My love for taking pictures is constantly being fulfilled by the sunsets, sunrises, and rainy and snowy days from the view of a fourth floor citizen as well as from the train tracks directly behind the building.

A sunrise from our loft taken by me.
A sunset from our loft taken by me.
A rainy day from our loft.
The train tracks behind our loft present me with some beautiful photo opportunities.

I’m extremely glad to live here with my dad and sisters. I can’t wait to see how the place continuously evolves into what we call “home.”

“Staring out the window.” Taken by Jenna

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