For nine years we lived in an apartment on the third story of a brick building in Maine. Before that we lived in a house in Kansas, but we moved shortly after I turned four, so I have no memories from it. This September we began to look for a new home. Our apartment was familiar to me after living there so long, but I was thrilled by the notion of moving, for not only a change, but because the apartment had many little cons. Things like doorknobs being loose and falling off, or doors not closing right.

Before this move I knew nothing about the process of moving, so was a bit disappointed that we wouldn’t be officially moving for at least over a month. There was also the problem of where the house would be. I defiantly wanted to stay in Saco, and I didn’t want to move too far away from The main area. There was also the problem of how many bedrooms it would have. At our apartment we each were able to have our own room, which was great, but it was unlikely we would find a good four-bedroom house that we liked at our price range. I agreed to share a room with my oldest sister, Skye, if needed, because I knew it would be worth it to be able to move to a nice place, and she would be leaving for college in about a year anyway. When it did come time to start viewing houses, though, I felt beyond excited and optimistic. The first house we viewed still had some furniture and everything in it, but as we walked through it, I gradually grew less and less excited. It seemed to be a bit of a fixer-upper and felt old. There was a huge garage (full of clutter) and a basement, but there were also windows on bedroom doors that had been painted over and many little things that would also need replacing. I didn’t like it, but I did do my best to stay positive. The next house we viewed was better, but it felt cramped in places and I did not like the kitchen at all. There had been a garage separate from the house, but the previous owner had connected them with a room. It also had a very large open basement. Both of the houses had been close to the high school and my best friends house, which I liked, but the houses were not as I had hoped. Again, I felt a bit discouraged.

Finally, my dad showed my sisters and I pictures of a loft. It was on the fourth story of a five-story building that had once been a shoe factory, but was renovated to become 32 different units. We had been a few times, as my dad had been friends with someone that lived there, and I remembered loving it. The loft had high ceilings, large windows on three sides, and was very open. The only doors were to the bathroom, the entry-door, and closets! In the apartment we often all spent time in our rooms, as the main rooms weren’t great for hanging out in. In the loft, it’d be the exact opposite. The space was huge and pretty, with smooth cement floors, light blue walls (except in the master bedroom where they area a light orangy-pink), large white beams crossing the ceiling, and a bar between the kitchen and the main room.

(The furniture is not ours)

When we were shown the pictures, I fell in love. This place seemed perfect. We viewed it at the open house eagerly to make sure we liked it. It was decided that Skye and I would share the master bedroom, which was perfect to fit both of our beds and it had two closets. The lights were a bit annoying (they were all remote controlled) and the sinks in both the kitchen and bathroom were very large. We all knew that the loft was just what we wanted. The whole process of moving (getting the loan, inspection, etc, etc) took awhile but felt like much longer due to how excited I was to move. We planned on hiring a moving crew to move furniture and large boxes the very day my dad goes to the closing, then do the rest ourselves with a rented moving van. I was at school while the moving crew came, so for me I went to school living in the apartment, then when I came home we lived somewhere completely different! We all got our own key to the door to our unit and the code to get into the front doors. Along with the loft we got a storage area in the very large basement, two parking spots, and access to the community room which was a room on the first floor with a couch, bathroom, bike racks, etc. The process of really moving in was very stretched out, but once we were, it already felt like home.

From when we moved to now, we’ve been making many changes. We hung a shelf with hooks by the door for our lanyards, replaced our old dining table with a new pub style table (which worked much better for our high ceilings), got two phillips hue lightbulbs for the main room, an amazon echo to control them along with the kitchen light, our new nest thermostats, and even tell us jokes, got a very nice sideboard, painted a chalkboard wall, and have a couch, rug, pillows, and an ottoman on the way! There are some cons (such as my bedroom light being super dim, or the kitchen faucet always being between two settings), but the pros (such as great views out the windows and high ceilings), outweigh them greatly, and I couldn’t be more happy.

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