Festibond 2016 – Hayley

Festibond this year was great, as usual. It’s sad to have Mom missing from the tradition, but we enjoyed each others company and the wonderful activities. We began the morning on Festibond with everyone pretty much getting up and begin to get ready for the day. There was also some working on the letters to each other. Once everyone was up and ready (in our matching clothes) we headed to Miss Portland Diner for breakfast. It was a short wait for a booth in the old part of it.

Breakfast at Miss Portland Diner

The food was good, and the discussions were great. It’s always very nice to spend time like this as a family. We next returned home, where, in a manner reflected across the last few Festibonds, we completed our letters. I was the last to finish mine, and as I so/after I completed them, we set up the snacks. The things to be done were mostly the assembly of the food and cutting up fruit and vegetables/quickly making the dips for both. The previous day had been when we did a lot of the preparing, such as shopping and baking. There was fudge (made by Skye), triple chocolate chip cookies (made by me), caramel popcorn (made by Jenna, fruit and a cream cheese fruit dip, veggies and a ranch dip, crackers, cheese, meat, chips and guacamole (made by Dad), and Martinelli’s.

We had a crazy amount of delicious food to snack on.

There was a LOT of food. To the point where we ended up not having the burritos we planned to make together for dinner. Though, we just had them the next day instead. It then came time to read letters to each other. We read them on cushions on the floor, as the couch we ordered had yet to be delivered. They were incredibly heartwarming, well-written, and full of love. We exchanged many hugs and smiles during this time, and it remains one of my favorite parts of the day.

My sisters and I seated and ready with our letters.

After letters, we began our puzzle. It is a Festibond tradition to start and complete a new puzzle together every year.

Working on the puzzle as a team.

Dad, of course, took a time lapse video of the whole thing, which in total took a few hours. Some years we try the challenge of doing the puzzle without every even seeing the picture or the box (besides when Dad buys it), and this year we tried, but eventually gave up. The picture was of ducks flying out of a pond and we weren’t too sure of their positioning, which duck is which, the background, etc. At the end we found that there were three pieces missing and me, Skye, and Jenna all pulled out a piece at the same time, confessing we each had just wanted to put the last one in. It we very funny and joyful to do all together as a team while eating the food we had all prepared together as a team, plus, the puzzle looked quite pretty at the end and was satisfying to step back and see our work.

When we were done with the puzzle, we moved to the dinning table (The puzzle had all been done on our old dinning table that we, quite conveniently, had yet to get rid of.) to play games. Skye made some homemade eggnog swiftly to drink as we played. The first game we played had been Cards Against Humanity, which brought about a ton of laughs. The second we played was Sorry, which was also very fun.

There were a few strange but funny cards/rounds.

With games finished and it getting late, we started a movie. Dad chose “Spaceballs”, which, when watching it, I found was pretty much a hilarious Star Wars parody. Due to celebrating Festibond on New Years Eve this year, we were aiming to stay up until midnight, though only Skye and I made it the whole way. After Spaceballs, she and I watched Spiderman 3 before heading to bed. It was overall an amazing day. I love my family and our wonderful traditions. Cheers to many more Festibonds together.

Festibond 2016’s Family Photo

3 thoughts on “Festibond 2016 – Hayley”

  1. Excellent post, Hayley. The cookies you made were AMAZEBALLS! Which is not at all like Spaceballs, #amiright?

    I look forward to many more wonderful Festibonds, too, Hayley.

    I love you!! <3

  2. Great writeup about an awesome tradition. So proud of you all. The food looked so delicious!

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