Festibond 2016: Jenna

This year was our tenth Festibond. Although we lost Kirsten, we had a good holiday and our traditions remain unfaltering. In preparation, we went to Freeport to get matching clothes–something that Kirsten would have done when my sisters and I were a lot younger. Our holiday was on New Years’ Eve, so we attempted to stay up until midnight (we didn’t succeed).

In the morning, we drove to Portland for breakfast. Although it was a long drive for just a meal, the meal was plenty satisfactory. It was a good decision.

Miss Portland Diner


Afterwards, we went home to prepare more food. The previous day, my sisters and I had done some baking. We made fudge, cookies, and caramel popcorn. I enjoyed working in the kitchen with Skye and Hayley, and the results were delicious.

Working together
Family grocery shopping!!

After the food was all set out on the bar, we sat down on the floor to read our letters. Brent is anxiously anticipating the arrival of our new couch, but until then, the floor is a compromise. I noticed that Skye and Hayley are improving with their writing year after year. It was quite a bonding experience as usual.

About to read our letters on the floor

Following the letter reading came one of my favorite parts of Festibond: The puzzle! Brent and I had selected the duck pond puzzle at Cabella’s while shopping with Tonya, a family friend. It was difficult to put together because there were large homogeneous areas, like the water in the pond. While putting it together, we also snacked on vegetables, fruits, and sweets.

Our puzzle tradition

Lastly, we played a few card games and watched a couple movies before retiring to bed. It was a packed day, but I think we did the best we could’ve done. I liked that we spent most of it in our new loft, despite our lack of a couch. It’s hard to believe that when we have Festibond next year, Skye will be in college. The only thing that could have made this Festibond better is if Kirsten was there.

Our family photo

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed Festibond 2016. This is a wonderful post, especially the last sentence. I’m glad you found breakfast “plenty satisfactory.” ;) I love you, Jenna.

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