Festibond Date With Dad: Skye

As part of the Festibond tradition, I recently went on a date with my dad. It didn’t take a lot of planning to decide what we want to do. He and I share a love for watching hockey and it’s something we do seasonally. For one of our past Festibond dates, we went to see a Portland Pirates’ game. However, they no longer play in Maine so my dad suggested we go to a Boston Bruins’ game.

We booked a train to the city and tickets to the game. Dad picked me up early from school on Thursday to catch the 14:47 departure. The ride to Boston was mellow, but pleasant. I enjoyed conversing with Dad before napping and completed some homework considering we wouldn’t arrive home until early in the morning.

A train ride with Dad to Boston.

When we arrived at North Station in Boston which was housed inside the TD Garden, where the game was going to be held, we searched for a place to put our bags since they couldn’t be taken inside the arena. Dad found a helpful blog on the Internet of someone who had been in a similar situation. They had left their stuff in Sullivan’s Tap a few blocks away for ten dollars a bag. This is exactly what we did.

After dropping off our bags, we went through security to get into the TD Garden. The first priority was to get Bruin gear. I proceeded to get a wool hat and Dad got a long sleeve t-shirt. We almost left with an extra $45 worth of merchandise before I realized the cashier had handed us extra souvenirs. I returned these and Dad traded in his large shirt for a medium (hockey shirts seem to be oversized from what I saw amongst the fans). It was then time to go to the arena. We found our balcony seats and got some food.

With our gear on, we’re ready to go!

The game was intense, but not as consumed by fights like I enjoy. The Bruins ended up losing to the Edmonton Oilers 3-4. Although the loss was upsetting for my first game, I had an amazing time hanging out with my dad. Our conversations consisted of our lives, family, school, psychology of people, and my many questions about gameplay. Most of our conversation was intense yelling, but only because the arena was filled with noise.

I got a little excited when the Bruins scored a goal.

I always enjoy time I share with my dad. No matter what we decide to do when we hangout, we have good conversations and enjoy each others’ company. I love him so much and believe the date was a tremendous success.

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  1. I had a really great time with you, Skye, as I do whenever we’re together. You’re fun and sweet and smart and gracious. You are a really amazing human and I am proud of you. Sorry there weren’t more good fights. :)

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