Festibond 2016 Date with Jenna: Brent

Jenna suggested that for our Festibond date this year we go on a drive to somewhere–it didn’t matter–and I could take some pictures. What she really wanted, I think, was a lot of time where we could just talk without distractions. I enjoy my every conversation with Jenna, so was thrilled by her suggestion. We decided to drive west to find a covered bridge or two in New Hampshire.

On Saturday morning we stopped by Fernleaf Bakery in Saco so Jenna could get a pastry. The fresh olive oil and herb bread looked so delicious we purchased one of those, too. We had no plans to stop for lunch, so I figured we could snack on it during our drive. I’m glad we did. It was delicious! We ate three-fourths of the loaf between us on the drive.

After Fernleaf we stopped at Elements in Biddeford to get Jenna an apple cider. Then we were off. Apple Maps took us down the Turnpike before turning us west into rural New Hampshire.

The first place we stopped was a disappointment. The covered bridge wasn’t. And it was not accessible without a hike, for which we were not prepared. I had a backup plan, though, so it wasn’t a problem. We continued west to Andover to visit the Keniston Bridge. The conversation was fun and interesting. Jenna usually takes a while to open up and start talking, but on our date she was chatty from the very beginning, which I enjoyed. She told me what she was learning in her Human Geography course, which was all about where to build a factory, so we discussed what factors might have contributed to the decline of the towns through which we drove. She’s very smart and impressed me with her insights. We also discussed classical composers and she shared with me her love of music and playing the violin.

She said she liked that Saco, where we live, has lots of places to eat pizza. This struck me as odd, since the places we go are either in Portland, Old Orchard Beach, or Biddeford. Rarely ever in Saco. From that conversation she began pointing out all the pizza joints we passed along the way, which were many. When the buildings in the small towns are all boarded up and the gas pumps at the stations removed, no doubt there will still be pizza. At least that’s how it seemed.

The weather was cold, but not uncomfortable for the time we were out at the covered bridge to take pictures. It was fun to hang out with Jenna and talk to her. She’s funny and thoughtful and interesting. She is passionate like me and dives deep into those things for which she is interested. It was fun to be allowed into her world, even if only briefly.

When I was done taking pictures of us and the bridge, we left. There was no cellular signal so I had no way to get directions from Google or have OnStar send them to my car, so we drove until we got a signal. One of the downsides of technology, I suppose. Jenna said I should have had a paper map. She’s correct (as usual).

Instead of going directly home we visited the Apple Store to get an adapter to plug the new piano into her iPad so she could play with her piano app. She’s been super excited about the piano since I purchased it days earlier and has been playing it as often as possible.

My relationship with Jenna isn’t always easy. We’re both very different from each other and very much alike. However, and perhaps because of this, when we do connect it’s very special. Saturday on our Festibond date was one of those times and I enjoyed every second of it very much. We didn’t spend a lot of money and didn’t do some big, fancy, extravagant thing, which is just the way we both wanted our date to be. It was just us. It was perfect.

Jenna and I took a road trip to New Hampshire for our Festibond date.
Jenna and Brent at Keniston Bridge in Andover, New Hampshire.
Keniston Bridge in Andover, New Hampshire. Built in 1882.
Jenna and Brent take a selfie on the Keniston Bridge in New Hampshire during their Festibond date road trip.
Jenna in New Hampshire for our Festibond date.
For our Festibond date, Jenna and I took a road trip to New Hampshire to take pictures.

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