Festibond 2016 Date with Dad: Hayley

On Friday the thirteenth I had my Festibond date with dad. We would normally have them before Festbond, but this year we decided to have them shortly after so we would have more time. For it, we together decided to go to dinner at Zapoteca (a mexican restaurant in Portland), then to take a painting class at Muse Paintbar. I had never done that kind of thing before, despite having a similar one close to us called Painting With A Twist, so I was very excited to try it out.

My dad and I have eaten at Zapoteca before on a previous Festibond date, so I knew I liked it. I always love spending time with him and I really enjoyed having this time to talk to him. He ordered a tequila flight, a margarita, and a steak. I ordered a cherry limeade and soup. My dad also requested bacon guacamole because we’d had it the first time we went there and it was phenomenal, but it wasn’t on the menu any of the other times he went. They ended up making it just for us due to it not being too busy at the moment. It came on a plate with chips in a short circular shape, as opposed to being in a bowl, and like the first time, tasted delicious. When the soup arrived, it had a bowl with the chicken, tortilla strips, etc dry and the waitress poured in the liquid part in from a small pitcher, which I found very cool. It was very hot, but also very good. My dad also gave me a few bites of his steak, which also tasted great. I didn’t eat very much, being a tiny human, and we left to walk to Muse Paintbar.

It was coincidentally very close, so once there we had about thirty minutes until the painting started. Inside there were unframed paintings on canvasses all over the walls with the bar in the back. The room wasn’t very large and had a super artsy feel, which I loved. We hung our coats up and I also took off the button up I had been wearing (I wore a t-shirt I didn’t care about getting paint on under it. By the bar there were aprons with heavy amounts of paint on them (lots of sloppy intentional lettering/drawings and a few splatters) hanging on paint cans that were attached to the wall. We each got one and returned to our seats. The seats were bar stools at tables with easels on them along with paint brushes, a paper plate with red, blue, yellow, pink, white, and black paint, a stack of paper plates to mix colors on, blank wood-frame canvasses, and a small laminated menu of food/snacks from the bar. My dad and I had seats by the window next to each other (though on different sides of the small table). There was also an area for the person leading the painting to paint at. My dad started a tab at the bar and got a coke, which came in a small glass bottle that I found really cool.

I found the inside of the paintbar to be really cool.
The original painting.

When the lesson started, the person leading informed us that we didn’t need to follow it exactly, and could make any creative changes that we wanted. I ended up replacing the magenta in the sky with a light-ish purple and Dad ended up replacing it with orange. We did the whole sky/water before any detail such as the horizon or jetty, which was totally new to me. It was super hard to do the blending and everything, so I, and many people around me all seemed to have similar frustration. I was also going much slower than the person leading, who made it seem much easier than it was. As difficult as it was, though, I had a ton of fun. I loved experiencing that with my dad and being able to see everyone’s different takes on the painting.  I ended up getting a coke in the awesome little glass bottle too and we both enjoyed a brownie a la mode near the end. My final product was leagues away from being perfect, but I would most certainly go again and I think it was the perfect thing for my dad and I to do together.

The bacon guacamole.
Me with the soup I ordered.
My dad with his steak.
My dad and I ready to paint.
Photo: Muse Paintbar – A masterpiece is coming together.
Me, in the process of painting.
I take a coke break in front of my unfinished painting.
We pose with our completed paintings.

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