Festibond 2016 Date with Hayley: Brent

Hayley and I pondered, discussed, and researched what we might do for our Festibond date for some time. Nothing seemed worthy of the occasion. I knew she liked art and thought, perhaps, there was something we could do around that. Perhaps a visit to the Portland Museum of Art or the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. But Hayley seems to like doing art more than merely appreciating it. When I was a kid my mom got me private painting lessons and took me to a wood carving class. Of these and other experiences I have fond memories, and thought Hayley and I could do something similar. We should take one of these painting classes that have become so popular and that Kirsten did with a few of her friends from work. Of course! Hayley loved the idea, so we picked a night and I made the reservations.

Friday evening we drove to Portland and parked on the street between Zapoteca, where we had 17:30 dinner reservations, and Muse Paintbar. Perfect. We were seated immediately at a small table in the dining room. I ordered a margarita and a flight of Patron tequilas, which were very tasty. Hayley ordered a mocktail that was too sweet, so she drank water.

We also ordered bacon guacamole, which we’d had on a previous visit but is not on the menu. The kitchen agreed to make it for us, and we were both grateful they did. It’s very tasty. For our entrées Hayley ordered the Sopa Azteca and I got the Carne Asada con Mole Negro. My steak was so good that if I described it you wouldn’t believe me. It, and I know this is so cliché, melted in my mouth. The fat in the meat was cooked so that it added this wonderful buttery flavor. I digress.

After dinner we walked a block down to Commercial Street to Muse Paintbar. We were a little early, so had plenty of time to get a beverage and find our easels. Because we’d registered online, our canvases were already determined, and coincidentally positioned on the easels near the windows of Commercial Street. The proprieters must have known I enjoy an audience.

When 19:30 rolled around, Adam introduced himself and the evening. We followed along as he instructed, with our own modifications. It was FAR more frustrating than I’d expected. Apparently, having painting lessons thirty-five years earlier and watching a few Bob Ross episodes does not prepare one to paint masterfully at age forty-three. It was fun, though, to be with Hayley and to meet new people. I didn’t take it too seriously, which made it possible for me to just enjoy my time with Hayley. She clearly was more expert than I, as you can see if you scroll down.

Hayley is really great to talk to and hang out with. She is equal parts sweet, interesting, and brilliant. I enjoy every minute I get to spend with her, especially when it’s focused time, as is every Festibond date.

Hayley said she enjoyed our time, which is all that matters. We both agreed that doing a painting class would be a fun activity for the whole family as a group.

The Patron flight at Zapoteca is very satisfying.
The margarita at Zapoteca was muy deliciouso!
We special ordered the bacon guacamole, which was delicious.
Hayley enjoyed her Sopa Azteca at Zapoteca
The Carne Asada con Mole Negro at Zapoteca was mouth wateringly delicious.
Me and Hayley at Muse Paintbar in Portland
Hayley paints with the confidence of a master
No person can be expected to paint an entire canvas without breaks for sustenance.
The mark of a true master painter.
The original and (very) roughly what we were going for
Photo: Muse Paintbar – A masterpiece is coming together.
Hayley and I show off our final paintings.

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