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Welcome to our family blog! We are Brent, Kirsten, Skye, Jenna and Hayley.

Brent and Kirsten met at Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho in 1991. We lived in Wichita, Kansas for eleven years where the three “sisters” were born. In 2007 we sold our house and moved to Maine.

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  1. Danler is a unique name so i am sure we are related. I went to grade school in Kingman, Ks and high school in Wichita. I lived in Wichita till 1980 when i moved to San Diego. I moved to Las Vegas in 2010. My father’s name was Bernard J. Danler. I have a sister in Wichita but we have not talked for about 8 years. Her name is Mary Mourning. If u feel like it write me back.

  2. Hi Werner. Thanks for the comment. My last name is “Danley” and Kirsten’s last name is “Uhler.” We blended our two last names to create “Danler” for our daughters. It’s our family name, but there’s no history with the name for us.

    Moving from Wichita was a good move. :)

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