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Festibond 2011 – Date with Daddy

Today on my date with dad for Festibond we went ice skating and we went to lunch. I had a great time.

First we went ice skating at the Portland Ice Arena. They only take cash but dad only had two dollars in cash so we had to find a ATM machine. It was hard finding a ATM machine. We had to walk a long way to find a ATM machine and it was cold. ‘Fun’ can not possibly be the correct word for finding a ATM machine. When we found a ATM machine we went back to the ice skating rink and rented some skates.

Once we got on our skates we went out onto the rink. I held my dad’s hand tightly so I wouldn’t fall. Daddy seemed to just be pulling me around the ice so I was just gliding around. I enjoyed ice skating a lot. I asked dad many questions about hockey, like where they put the net, if he played hockey as a kid, and if he ever saw his friends fall on the ice while they were playing.

Hayley and Dad at the Portland Ice Arena

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Festibond 2011

Yesterday was Festibond. Festibond is a tradition where the family gets together to play games, read letters to each other, and have a big family breakfast.

First we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. I got the cinnamon streusel. We had a lot of plates but our table was small, it was loud, and some of the food was disgusting. We decided not to go there next year for Festibond.

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel

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Interview: Hayley and Kirsten

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Hayley: Would you rather be rich or poor?

Kirsten: Rich.
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Hayley: Something I Learned

I wanted to learn about how they make paper because it was the only thing I could think of. I liked learning about how they make paper.

Paper is made from fibers that come from plants and trees. The fibers are beaten and mixed with water to make what’s called pulp. Then you put the pulp on a fine screen called a mold. Then you let it dry. Then you take the paper off the mold.

Egyptians made another kind of paper called papyrus 4,000 years ago. The word “paper” comes from the Greek word papuros.

Hayley: Florida Vacation 2009

On the drive we went to a lot of gas stations. At one of the gas stations Mom found one of the White Kit-Kats that I wanted. She wanted to make it a surprise for me.

When we got to Florida I was surprised it was a little cold.

For breakfast in Florida we went to Dunkin Donuts. I didn’t eat the whole donut in Maine, so I just got a muffin instead.

When we got to Heypop and Nana’s house I was so surprised to see Buffy. Skye said she was a snoodle. It was kinda funny. A snoodle?

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Hayley: A Week To Live

If I was going to die in one week I would spend more time with my family. We would take the train to Boston. For dinner we could go to Hooters. For the rest of the week we would stay at the hotel where we could go to breakfast, go swimming, and watch cartoons. I would also like to go sledding.

Finally, I would say goodbye to my cousins, grandparents, and friends. I hope that when I die they would all remember me. If my friends or family died, I would be sad, but I would always remember them.