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Hayley: Snow

I like snow because I can make a snowman.

The way to make a snowman is to take one big chunk of ice and put it somewhere on the ground wherever you want the snowman.  Then if you want to make it a little smooth, take a bucket and put snow in it and bring it by the snowman.  If people are with you, you can all put snow on it.  If you want to make the snowman bigger and bigger, you get more and do the same thing with it.

When you’re done you can get a carrot for the nose, two raisins for the eyes, and you can get one long piece of licorice for the mouth.  If you want some arms, you get two sticks.  If you want the snowman to have a hat, you can get a bucket and put it on the snowman’s head or you can use your own hat for the snowman.  If you want it to look like it snowed on the snowman, you can take snow and sprinkle it on its hat.  If you don’t want anybody to make the snowman tinier or mess it up, you can get a bunch of chunks of ice and put them around the snowman.

Hayley: A Brother

If I could have a brother I would want one. I would want him to be a big brother. He could help me when I wanted a little bit of help, like in my workbook or my sight words.

Sometimes we could play together, too. I would like to play dinosaurs since it’s boyish and I like dinosaurs. When we would go somewhere he would be a little nice to sit with. While we’re driving we could play together, but not really dinosaurs or something. Like, we could make a little handshake or something.

He would be a little playful. He could wrestle with me when Daddy is busy.

Hayley’s Festibond Reindeer Antlers

Since it’s getting to be Festibond we did a little bit of Festibond stuff at school. We got to put designs on our antlers. We took one long piece of lined paper. Then we traced our hands and cut them out of brown paper. Mrs. Arnold put our name on the paper after we put our designs on it. The first sticker was Santa. The next sticker was a candy cane. The next sticker was a reindeer. The last sticker is holly.

The way to make a circle to put it on our head is first to put the paper around our head then carefully take it off while it was connected still. Then we stapled it. Then we stapled the antlers. And then we got to put them on for the whole time we were in school.


Hayley: If I Had a Million Dollars

If I had a million dollars I would take half of it and buy White Kit-Kats and put them in all the cupboards. I love White Kit-Kats.

With the other half I would use it for a trip if we ever want to go on one. We can go to our cousins’ or we can go to our Grammy’s house or Papa’s. I’d also go to my other grammy, Grandma Kathy, and Heypop and Nana.

If I still have more I’d just use it for when I grow up. Then I would buy furniture and a house.

That’s what I’d do with a million dollars.

Book Review: The Giving Tree


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The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

There’s this tree that loves a boy. They play hide-and-go-seek together. They play king-of-the-forest. The way they make a crown is they gather up some leaves and make them into one.

The boy kept getting older and older and he wanted stuff the tree didn’t have. First, he wanted some money, but the tree didn’t have any money so he had to get some apples and sell them in the city.

Then he wanted a house so he had to take the branches off and build them into a house.

Next he wanted a boat to sail away. But the tree didn’t have a boat so he had to cut the trunk off the tree and make a boat.

Then all he wanted was a quiet place to rest so he sat on the stump of the tree.

First I read it to my Daddy, but if I got stuck he helped me. Then Daddy read the rest to me.

I liked that it got happy and sad. I liked spending time with Daddy while we did it.


Hayley: Why I Like

I like the family blog because our friends and cousins, and even other people can know more about us. I like putting pictures on and writing about things I do in my life. I want people to know about my favorite things.

About the drawing: Mom asked me to draw a picture about myself for the blog. That’s me at Fairfield School. We’re lining up. I’m the caboose, that’s why there isn’t anybody behind me. In the foreground is our playground.