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Festibond 2011 – My Date with Dad

Every year I look forward to the individual Festibond dates I have with Dad and Mom. This year Dad and I decided to have dinner at Otto’s Pizza before going to a Portland Pirates’ hockey game. I read and studied the rules of hockey ahead of time so that I would be prepared.

At Otto’s I ordered a mashed potato, bacon and scallion pizza, which was better than I remembered. I enjoyed talking with Dad about what I thought of homeschool and who I thought was going to win the hockey game.

I'm eating a mashed potato bacon scallion slice of pizza.
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Festibond 2011 – My Date With Mom

Every year for Festibond, each of us “sisters” have a separate date with our parents. This year, my mom and I chose to walk around Portland and get to know the city.

Our first stop was the Coastal Maine Popcorn Company. There were many flavors of popcorn. Some common flavors include cheddar, garlic parmesan, and caramel. I thought it was weird that there were flavors such as buffalo wing, sour apple, and red hot cinnamon. There were huge bags of popcorn which were about two gallons! I think it’s silly that they have such huge bags; Nobody should buy that much popcorn for that price at a time.

Mom and I are at the Coastal Maine Popcorn Company

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Festibond 2011

I always look forward to Festibond, and the preparations add to my excitement. My sisters and I baked goodies with mom, and we all spent time writing thoughtful letters to each other. I used the thesaurus a lot for my letters, not wanting to use many boring and overused words. I discovered some new words such as “hankering” and “gratify.” I enjoyed expanding my vocabulary while writing my letters.

Family Photo for Festibond of 2011
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Skye: Festibond 2010

There was a lot to do to get ready for Festibond this year. There were letters to be written and booklets to be made, snacks to buy and goodies to be baked. As soon as my mom asked Hayley what treat she wanted to bake, she immediately replied, “Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies!” When mom asked Jenna, she hesitated a moment and then replied, “Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars.” Finally, when mom questioned me, I replied, “Oatmeal Raisin Cookies,” but after a few days of thinking about it, I settled on baking Lemon Bread.

Writing the letters took some time and thought. As one of my paragraphs to Jenna I wrote: “You always look very fashionable, Jenna, and I think that when you grow up, you will become a model. If you don’t become a model, I’m sure that you’ll look stylish wherever you go.” I could think of thousands of things to say about my family, which is how I could easily think of things to write about each of them.

On Festibond morning we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Outside, a blizzard was whipping up and to me it was a beautiful sight and it was definitely going to be a white Festibond. I ordered scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, and some homemade biscuits off of the adult menu and some sweet apple cider off of the kid menu. The scrambled eggs were delicious because they were cheesy and soft.

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Fossil Finding

When I grow up, I want to be a palaeontoligist. There’s a lot to being a palaeontoligist and it would probably be hard to find fossils since predators such as lions and tigers come chew up the bones. Then, you wouldn’t have the evidence.

Fossils are the remainings of an animal covered in rock and dirt. Palaeontoligists are the people that dig up these amazing fossils and give them to the museum because the museum gives them money to find them.

Some popular places for a mammal to be dug up, are in a cave, a stream, or a good place where they can be covered without being ruined or eaten by a carnivore. That’s why a lot of palaeontoligists dig in those places. They can find fossils better.

Before they take them to the museum, they study them. When the palaeontoligists find big fossils, they take them apart and put them back together at the museum. It’s like a puzzle. If they are small fossils, they don’t take them apart. It’s a really cool process.

Humans are Apes

Lots of people think that apes we see today are our ancestors. They’re wrong because apes that we see today are our cousins.

You know how you have a family tree with all your uncles, aunts, grandpas, grandmas, dad, mom, brothers, sisters, and cousins? It’s the same with apes. They have a family tree with their different species. We’re on the ape family tree because we are a species of apes. There are hundreds of species of apes. There’s neandertals, australopithecines, paranthropus, homo erectus, homo sapiens, homo antecessor, and a whole bunch of others. Our tree is full of ape species.

Most ape species come from Africa and climb trees. We apes, evolved through time. Instead of walking on four hands and climbing trees, we walk on two feet. It’s amazing how we can get new techniques as we evolve. We apes now have better speech and technology, thanks to evolution.

Skye: Paradise

My blog assignment for this week was to write about what I would do if I could have paradise. I’d like to travel, ride a boat, spend time with my family, and paint trees in the woods. In my paradise I don’t want people to fight and I want happiness every day.

I would get a motorboat that is the size of a monster truck. My family and I would fill our backpacks and bring the motorboat to the ocean every now and then and ride for a little bit. Hayley, Jenna, and I would stand in the front and feel the wind blow on our faces while playing, “I spy something.” Sometimes I could sit in the back of the boat and read my book, or listen to my MP3 player. I could smell the fresh breeze and dad would take pictures. Lots of pictures.

We’d take an airplane to China and I would snack and read on the way there. When my family and I got off, we would check out the beautiful sights and eat the food. I could make some friends and I would memorize the language. My friends would help me. Maybe I could even see some Chinese animals. It would also be very exciting and neat to stay in a Chinese hotel. I would like to try a sport only played in China.

Every week my family would go mini golfing, bowling, and to the movie theater. At the theater we could go and grab popcorn to bring to any movie without giving the person in charge a ticket. I would like to watch new movies that just came out.

I’d also like to bring art supplies in the woods and draw the trees and nature. I would give away paintings but sometimes I would keep them to put in my own house. My parents and sisters would each get an autographed painting from me.

That is my paradise plan.

Skye: My Summer of 2009

I have had a lot of fun this summer. I went to the beach a lot, and enjoyed playing in the water. Hayley and I also made sand castles of Boston. Hayley made the Science Museum and the Swan boats. I made a hot dog stand and a subway station. That was fun.

My mom’s co-worker, Jeff, invited everyone from CICU and R9 to a work party. The party took place at his summer house near a lake. Mom took Jenna, Hayley, and I to the work party with her. We had a barbecue and I enjoyed my hot dog. Afterwords, I went down to the lake and played with Stephanie (a girl between Hayley and Jenna’s age). When Jenna and Hayley came down to join us, we all got into Stephanie’s paddle boat. I was in the paddle boat almost the whole time we were there. I kept jumping out of it but I was disappointed when we had to leave. I’m going to have a paddle boat when I grow up.

My mom had brain surgery over the summer. I was sad and happy at the same time. I was sad because I didn’t want her to get hurt and I was happy because I wanted her brain to be healthy. Dad, Hayley, Jenna, and I got to visit mom at the hospital everyday she was there. I sat on the windowsill most of the time reading, listening to my MP3 player, playing 20 questions, or playing sudoku. It’s like I was glued to that spot. Finally, we decided that mom was going to come home. I was so excited! I’m glad the surgery is over.

Skye: My Mother

I love my mother because she helps me when I need help and keeps me safe. She is also a great mother to my sisters. I can always count on her. She is the one for me.

My mom helps me do my homework. If I have a problem that is too hard, she can help me solve that problem. Another way she helps me solve my problems is when the girls and I are getting in a fight. She always helps deal with those problems. I am so glad she helps me.

My mother also keeps me safe. She keeps me safe by telling me to brush my teeth morning and night so I don’t get cavities. My mother also tells me not to go in the road by myself so I don’t get hit by cars. I’m so glad she keeps me safe.

I’m glad I have a wonderful, spectacular, awesome, sweet, caring, loving mother. I love visiting my mom at work. I am also glad that my mom does things for me that she doesn’t have to do.


Skye: What I Like About Maine

I was excited to move to Maine because I have lived in Kansas for about eight years. After living here I discovered many reasons why I like Maine.

I like to go camping. It gives me the opportunity to make new friends. Once I made two new friends named Amber and Faith. We went fishing together. We all got big sticks and buoy string and tied them together. We used marsh mellows for the bait. I also like camping because you get to sleep in tents and roast marsh mellows and hot dogs on sticks.

Another thing I like about Maine is the weather. In the winter there is a lot of snow to build snowmen and go sledding. It is also not too cold. In the Summer it’s not too hot and it’s fun to play outside. I also like to play at the beach. I especially enjoy digging holes and riding my boogie board. I also like autumn because you can jump in piles of leaves and the temperature is just right. Not too hot and not too cold

Something else I like about Maine is the climate. In Kansas there was nothing as glamorous as anything in Maine. In Maine we have beautiful sights such as; mountains, beaches, oceans, forts, and lighthouses.

Those are the reasons I like Maine.