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Fossil Finding

When I grow up, I want to be a palaeontoligist. There’s a lot to being a palaeontoligist and it would probably be hard to find fossils since predators such as lions and tigers come chew up the bones. Then, you wouldn’t have the evidence.

Fossils are the remainings of an animal covered in rock and dirt. Palaeontoligists are the people that dig up these amazing fossils and give them to the museum because the museum gives them money to find them.

Some popular places for a mammal to be dug up, are in a cave, a stream, or a good place where they can be covered without being ruined or eaten by a carnivore. That’s why a lot of palaeontoligists dig in those places. They can find fossils better.

Before they take them to the museum, they study them. When the palaeontoligists find big fossils, they take them apart and put them back together at the museum. It’s like a puzzle. If they are small fossils, they don’t take them apart. It’s a really cool process.

Humans are Apes

Lots of people think that apes we see today are our ancestors. They’re wrong because apes that we see today are our cousins.

You know how you have a family tree with all your uncles, aunts, grandpas, grandmas, dad, mom, brothers, sisters, and cousins? It’s the same with apes. They have a family tree with their different species. We’re on the ape family tree because we are a species of apes. There are hundreds of species of apes. There’s neandertals, australopithecines, paranthropus, homo erectus, homo sapiens, homo antecessor, and a whole bunch of others. Our tree is full of ape species.

Most ape species come from Africa and climb trees. We apes, evolved through time. Instead of walking on four hands and climbing trees, we walk on two feet. It’s amazing how we can get new techniques as we evolve. We apes now have better speech and technology, thanks to evolution.

Book Review: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Harry Potter
Harry Potter

I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling. I read this book because I thought it would be interesting.

I liked that Harry was brave. He tried to save the Sorcerer’s Stone from Voldemort. Voldemort is evil. I also liked it because, at the end, Harry helps Gryffindor get more points than Slytherin to win the House Cup. I like Hermione because she is smart, pretty and nice.

The book was different from the movie because the movie scared me more than the book.

I think someone else would like this book because it was cool and fun to read.

I read this at home.

Book Review: The Giving Tree


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The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

There’s this tree that loves a boy. They play hide-and-go-seek together. They play king-of-the-forest. The way they make a crown is they gather up some leaves and make them into one.

The boy kept getting older and older and he wanted stuff the tree didn’t have. First, he wanted some money, but the tree didn’t have any money so he had to get some apples and sell them in the city.

Then he wanted a house so he had to take the branches off and build them into a house.

Next he wanted a boat to sail away. But the tree didn’t have a boat so he had to cut the trunk off the tree and make a boat.

Then all he wanted was a quiet place to rest so he sat on the stump of the tree.

First I read it to my Daddy, but if I got stuck he helped me. Then Daddy read the rest to me.

I liked that it got happy and sad. I liked spending time with Daddy while we did it.