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Festibond 2013 – My Date With Hayley

My Festibond date with Hayley was December 22nd. We went ice skating and then to dinner. It was a great time. Hayley is a terrific conversationalist, and I enjoyed getting to know her better.

Because we would be skating at the Family Ice Center in Falmouth, which is close to Freeport, we visited L.L. Bean ahead of skating so we could get Hayley a new pair of gloves.

Skating was fun. We held hands and talked as we made laps around the rink. Hayley remarked that there was a sign hanging up for “Greely Girls Hockey” and another for just “Greely Hockey.” She recognized the inequality and preference for the boys team, for which I was proud. After a while, both our feet were hurting from the awful rental skates, so we stopped for a rest, then decided we were done skating.

Skating buddies
Skating buddies

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Festibond 2013 – Kirsten

On Sunday the 29th of December our family celebrated our seventh Festibond. This is a tradition we started as a way to celebrate and strengthen our bonds with each other every year. We love this tradition, and I hope the girls continue it after they grow up and move away.

Within the week prior to Festibond, Brent and I each take each of the girls out individually for a date. The girls get to choose what they want to do. We still seem to come up with new ideas every year. We have each written a post on our blog about the dates. I love having that special one-on-one time with each of my wonderful daughters. They all change a little every year (obviously), each one unique in their own way. I thoroughly enjoyed every one of my dates!

The Danler family on Festibond.
The Danler family on Festibond.
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Festibond 2013 – Hayley

For Festibond this year we went to breakfast, went to a hotel, played games, read letters to each other, and swam in the hotel pool. I went with Mom in her car to the hotel and we laughed and talked while Mom made silly noises.

When we got to the hotel, we left Mom’s car and went in Dad’s car together to Sea Dog Brewery for breakfast. We took some pictures and talked. I got the two french toasts with strawberries which wasn’t very good. I found a hair in it and it tasted almost battery in the middle. Jenna ordered three french toasts with bacon and just two french toasts came with no bacon. So the restaurant wasn’t very good but I still was enjoying the time with my family.

My sisters and I at the restaurant.
My sisters and I at the restaurant.
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Festibond 2013 – Jenna

This has been the best Festibond yet! If you don’t know what Festibond is already, Festibond (the word itself) is a mix of the words Festival, and bond. It means exactly what it sounds like. We celebrate the bond of our family! At the end of each year, we read or letters to each other (that we’ve written to each other beforehand), play games, and do other activities to bond with each other. This year, we went to the Marriott hotel in Portland, something we’ve never done before. Usually we celebrate Festibond at our house.

We spent a couple hours on Sunday morning polishing our letters and get everything organized. Kirsten, my mom, was sleeping most of the time. But that’s only because she stayed up late helping Skye and Hayley with their letters. Anyway, it gave us more time to get ready. My sisters even had time to have a tickle fight with me. It was fun, and I won the tickle fight, as I always do. I know everyone’s weak spots! Continue reading Festibond 2013 – Jenna

Festibond 2013: My Date With Dad

Dad and I took awhile to decide what we were going to do for our Festibond date. Finally, we decided upon watching a Bob Marley comedy show after eating burgers at Five Guys. As it so happened, I had gone on my date with my mom that morning. After my date with Mom, she was going on her date with my little sister Hayley. She brought us both up to Portland, because she was going to see a movie with Hayley in Portland and she was going to drop me off at Dad’s office.

The Bob Marley show started at 19:00, but Mom’s movie with Hayley started at 16:30. She dropped me off at Dad’s work, and Dad worked while I played games and stuff on my computer. His office is nice, because he has his office in a large conference room with a TV and windows. I love hanging out with Dad at his work. I have done it many times before this date. Each time is enjoyable. Anyway, Dad and I left for Five Guys at around 17:30. The walk only took a few minutes and Dad and I talked about Jenna, abortions, and more that came into our minds. Continue reading Festibond 2013: My Date With Dad

Festibond 2013 – My date with Dad

For my date with dad I we decided to go bowling and to an Italian restaurant. My dad wanted to take me somewhere fancy, so we chose Piccolo over Olive Garden or other cheap Italian places. I warned Dad that fancy restaurants scare me sometimes because they have food I don’t like. For example, many fancy restaurants have lobster and I despise lobster! I also don’t feel comfortable when dad pays a lot of money for me, but that is besides the point.

We went bowling at Bayside Bowl. Usually it is not that crowded, but on the day after Christmas, it was pretty filled up! All the lanes were filled and there were people in line to go next. It didn’t look good. Dad and I decided to wait at the bar for our turn. It would only allow us to play for 30 minutes, but it was too late to change our plans. I ordered a ginger beer at the bar, and talked to dad. It may not have been as exciting as bowling, but I loved it just the same. Continue reading Festibond 2013 – My date with Dad

Festibond 2013 Hayley’s date with Dad

For my 2013 Festibond date with Dad we went ice skating at The Family Skate Center and to dinner at Zapoteca. I had so much fun and I love my Dad so much!

We first went to L.L. Bean to get me some gloves because I needed some, and we would be near L.L. Bean anyway. Straight for L.L. Bean we went to The Family Skate Center. We rented our skates and I first tried a size one which was too small, then a size three which was also too small, and finally a size four that I fit fine. When we first got on the ice I was very wobbly, but I got used to it because it was almost like roller skating. We talked a lot while we skated, which I enjoyed a lot. I saw a banner that said, “Girls Falmouth Hockey” with the girls’ smaller banners listing awards and things like that and a banner that said, “Falmouth hockey” with the boys smaller banners listing awards and things like that which we thought was unfair. My dad held my hand firmly to prevent me from falling, and that stopped me from falling many times. My feet hurt but I continued skating because I was having so much fun with my amazing dad. After a while they started hurting more, so we got off the ice, and I took my skates off. My ankle bone was all red but felt better when the skates were off.

Ice skating with Dad
Ice skating with Dad
Skating buddies
Skating buddies

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Festibond 2012: Kirsten

Festibond, the annual Danler holiday we started several years ago, has been a very rewarding and wonderful tradition for our family. Each year we choose a day at the end of December to celebrate Festibond. In the two weeks leading up to Festibond Brent and I have one-on-one dates with each of the girls and with each other. It is a valuable part of our bonding with each other, and I absolutely look forward to them.

This year we decided on December 29 for our Festibond. We always start out the day going out to eat for breakfast. Brent suggested The Good Table Restaurant in Cape Elizabeth this time. We wanted a place with good food and a nice atmosphere in which we could sit and talk without distractions. It was fun to be entertained by the girls and their singing and jokes as we drove up to Cape Elizabeth. The food was alright, but not amazing. However, when we all tried Hayley’s cinnamon bun we agreed that it was very good; each of the girls ordered one to take home. I enjoyed sitting with Brent and the girls around the table, talking, laughing, and discussing ideas and plans for the future.

Breakfast at The Good Table
Breakfast at The Good Table
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Festibond 2012 – My Date With Kirsten

Kirsten at Grace
Kirsten at Grace

Normally Kirsten and I take each of the girls out on a date for Festibond, but we don’t go on one together. This year I proposed that she and I go on a Festibond date, too, to which enthusiastically she agreed.

Kirsten had wanted to see the film “Les Miserables,” which was fine with me. I knew she has liked the story for a long time, and would enjoy the movie.

Kirsten made reservations to one of our favorite Portland restaurants, Grace. The building is a gorgeous repurposed church, which is far more useful than teaching innocent children to fear an angry deity. I digress.

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Festibond 2012: My Date With Brent

Our Festibond dates wouldn’t be complete if Brent and I didn’t have a date together. Brent told me he wanted to take me to see the latest “Les Miserables” movie at the theater. There were other movies showing that I knew Brent would prefer, but he said to me: “‘Les Mes’ would be better, because when I think of it I think of you. And I really want to think of you.” It was very touching and sweet of him!

Brent enjoyed his "Heated Affair" margarita
Brent enjoyed his “Heated Affair” margarita
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