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Festibond 2013 – Jenna

This has been the best Festibond yet! If you don’t know what Festibond is already, Festibond (the word itself) is a mix of the words Festival, and bond. It means exactly what it sounds like. We celebrate the bond of our family! At the end of each year, we read or letters to each other (that we’ve written to each other beforehand), play games, and do other activities to bond with each other. This year, we went to the Marriott hotel in Portland, something we’ve never done before. Usually we celebrate Festibond at our house.

We spent a couple hours on Sunday morning polishing our letters and get everything organized. Kirsten, my mom, was sleeping most of the time. But that’s only because she stayed up late helping Skye and Hayley with their letters. Anyway, it gave us more time to get ready. My sisters even had time to have a tickle fight with me. It was fun, and I won the tickle fight, as I always do. I know everyone’s weak spots! Continue reading Festibond 2013 – Jenna

Festibond 2013 – My date with Dad

For my date with dad I we decided to go bowling and to an Italian restaurant. My dad wanted to take me somewhere fancy, so we chose Piccolo over Olive Garden or other cheap Italian places. I warned Dad that fancy restaurants scare me sometimes because they have food I don’t like. For example, many fancy restaurants have lobster and I despise lobster! I also don’t feel comfortable when dad pays a lot of money for me, but that is besides the point.

We went bowling at Bayside Bowl. Usually it is not that crowded, but on the day after Christmas, it was pretty filled up! All the lanes were filled and there were people in line to go next. It didn’t look good. Dad and I decided to wait at the bar for our turn. It would only allow us to play for 30 minutes, but it was too late to change our plans. I ordered a ginger beer at the bar, and talked to dad. It may not have been as exciting as bowling, but I loved it just the same. Continue reading Festibond 2013 – My date with Dad

Festibond 2013 – My Date with Mom

Mom and I went to see a play for our Festibond date. We were originally going to see “Annie,” but by the time mom went online to buy tickets, they were sold out. Instead, we saw “The Snow Queen,” a seasonal play in Portland. Mom and I both like plays, ballets, concerts, etc. Before the play, we went to dinner at Sea Dogs Brewing Company.

Mom and I had fun on our date.
Mom and I had fun on our date.

Sea Dogs Brewing Company didn’t go as well as I planned. Mom and I had fun talking and laughing, but the pasta I ordered was really soggy and had too much sauce. Mom seemed to like hers, as she brought home the leftovers. It was fun, nevertheless. I have to say, the play went better and we bonded even more than we did at dinner. Continue reading Festibond 2013 – My Date with Mom

Festibond 2013: My Date with Jenna

Jenna loves the arts and especially enjoys attending the theater to watch plays. When I asked her if she’d like to see a play for our Festibond date together this year, she quickly said yes. I originally wanted to take her to see Annie playing at the Lyric Music Theater in South Portland. I’d met a couple of great people at TEDxDirigo last month who were both performing in it. Unfortunately by the time I tried to purchase tickets, it was sold out. I searched other theater, ballet, and music venues, and Jenna decided on The Snow Queen playing at Portland Stage.

Jenna reads the program for the play "Snow Queen" that she and I attended at Portland Stage for our Festibond date.
Jenna reads the program for the play “Snow Queen” that she and I attended at Portland Stage for our Festibond date.
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Skye and Jenna Go to the Salon

Skye has been asking me for a couple months now if she could get her hair cut. Jenna started asking if she could get hers cut as well, and finally I made them an appointment at Akari in Portland. When I told Skye yesterday that I made them an appointment for this morning, she was so excited; she nearly cried. She was very excited to get the short hairstyle she wanted, and Jenna was looking forward to having several inches cut off her long, beautiful locks, and to get bangs as well.

Akari is very nice with a comfortable waiting area and a drink bar with tables as well. Brent and I already knew Jenny, who is very sweet, and she’d cut my hair previously. She was scheduled to cut Jenna’s hair today. Skye had Ashley as her hair stylist. Yes, I was one of those annoying parents who frequently walked over to take pictures of them during the process. They didn’t seem to mind at all and were very nice about it. Brent stopped by briefly to say hello and to take a few photos himself.

Jenna and Skye after getting their hair cut.
Jenna and Skye after getting their hair cut.
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New School year

I’m in 7th grade now, and I am so happy to see my friend again! My favorite subject is science, like last year. Even though I really miss the Toucan team, I like my new team too.

There were some major changes this year in Saco Middle School. One, I have a new orchestra teacher. Two, the 7th/8th grade get to have iPads, which are really efficient. They reduce clutter, help us keep organized, and it… saves paper!

I’m in chorus this year, but I’m sorta kinda having second thoughts about it because the songs are not all that great. But we’ll see how it turns out.

It’s been about a month since the first day of school, and I am surprised at how quickly it’s passed by. In that one month, I’ve boosted many interests, mostly writing. I’m in the literature magazine club, and after we brainstormed ideas, I’ve been in the writing mood ever since! Now I can’t get away from my iPad, typing away at my new story, called ‘Unreachable.’ It’s a secret until I get it published. So don’t ask.

I know this year will be a great one, because I learned my lesson from last year, procrastinating all the time.

Happy Hanukkah,
Jenna Danler

Siblings day: 2013

On July 11, 2011, a holiday called ‘Siblings day’ was invented by Jenna, Hayley, and Skye Danler. Every year since, we celebrated our relationship by bonding more than usual. Sounds cheesy, but to us, Siblings day is a day to cherish.

This year, our big sister Skye created a very sweet slideshow! It included pictures of all three of us through the years. It also included my new favorite song, ‘My Sister’ by Reba McEntire. I was on the verge of tears. :)

I also got some card stock so that my sisters and I could try this fun activity that I thought up! We all made a board game from scratch. Both my sisters went above and beyond on them, being so creative. :)
My board game was called ‘Are you a Mainer?’. Hayley’s was ‘Adventure on a Board’ and Skye’s was ‘Truth or Dare’. It was super-duper fun to try them all out after lunch.

My sisters always cheer me up on down times. I know, sometimes they can be annoying :( but we always make up after a fight and laugh about it later like in the song ‘My Sister’. Skye was a big help in planning it! So kudos to her for being so helpful… :)

We also had a pillow fight. Hayley got hurt, so we moved on to a different game that I made up. We had to make each other laugh, and if we laughed, we loose. I lost so many times!

Anyway, I love you Skye and Hayley!!

Festibond 2012: Kirsten

Festibond, the annual Danler holiday we started several years ago, has been a very rewarding and wonderful tradition for our family. Each year we choose a day at the end of December to celebrate Festibond. In the two weeks leading up to Festibond Brent and I have one-on-one dates with each of the girls and with each other. It is a valuable part of our bonding with each other, and I absolutely look forward to them.

This year we decided on December 29 for our Festibond. We always start out the day going out to eat for breakfast. Brent suggested The Good Table Restaurant in Cape Elizabeth this time. We wanted a place with good food and a nice atmosphere in which we could sit and talk without distractions. It was fun to be entertained by the girls and their singing and jokes as we drove up to Cape Elizabeth. The food was alright, but not amazing. However, when we all tried Hayley’s cinnamon bun we agreed that it was very good; each of the girls ordered one to take home. I enjoyed sitting with Brent and the girls around the table, talking, laughing, and discussing ideas and plans for the future.

Breakfast at The Good Table
Breakfast at The Good Table
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Festibond 2012 – My Date with Mom

Recently my mother and I went on a mommy-daughter date for Festibond. Festibond is a holiday my family and I have during the holiday season to bond with meaningful, exciting, and definitely fun activities. Well, one of these traditions is going on dates with family members.

My mom and I first had gone to a ballet near Portland. It was called, ‘The Magic Toy Shop’. My mom and I were very impressed by the dancers’ striking flexibility and expressions. The ballet was very funny too. You could tell the diversity of the children’s personalities, the parents, and the toys.

Mom and I about to watch "The Magic Toy Shop"
Mom and I about to watch “The Magic Toy Shop”

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Festibond 2012 – My Date with Dad

Recently I had a daddy-daughter date with my Dad for Festibond. We had a great time spending time together bowling. We bowled at Bayside bowl, a site in Portland. He prefers Bayside over Vacationland, but I still don’t get why. Maybe that’s because the last time I went to Vacationland bowling was 2 or 3 years ago.

Brent and Jenna at Bayside Bowl
Brent and Jenna at Bayside Bowl

Anyway, we played two rounds. I bowled with bumpers to avoid a gutter ball but my Dad, of course, still won both rounds. At least I got the first strike. Well, my Dad is good at just about everything I guess. We had fun spending time together, and each time I went, he high fived me no matter how many pins I knocked down. That’s my Dad! He would be proud of me if I knocked one pin down. “You didn’t hit the bumper!” he’d say. I thought that was very nice of him, and I think he is a great guy. Brent got me a root beer, and he made a big deal about it because that was a once in a century thing to drink soda. I felt very very odd drinking it.

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