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Jenna: Festibond 2008

Yesterday we had Festibond. For breakfast we went to Eggspectations. I had bacon and scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese on top. It was delicious.

We came back late so we didn’t have lunch. We gathered our presents and started reading letters and giving presents to each person. Dad said our present is coming late; Mom said they are giving us a microscope. When we went shopping on Friday, Mom and I stopped to look at a microscope. Mom told me, “We will get one of those for you girls someday.”

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Kirsten: Festibond 2008

Festibond is our family tradition that we invented last year. I love it. It is wonderful to see the girls thinking and caring about others, and being excited to spend time together as a family.

We went to breakfast at our favorite breakfast place, Eggspectation. It the past the girls always ordered chocolate chip pancakes, but Skye’s and Jenna’s tastes have matured to scrambled eggs and some form of pork. Despite the many beverage choices of milk, chocolate milk, hot chocolate, and various juices, the girls all ordered water to drink. As Hayley would say, “water’s healfy.”

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Skye: Festibond 2008

Festibond Letters 2008Festibond is the gift of spending time with each other.

Yesterday was Festibond. We went to Eggspectations for breakfast. Jenna and I solved the crossword puzzle on our place mats. It took a long time. I figured out the whole thing except for one. To get that one I had to refer to the answers on the back. I ordered a water with oranges, scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, sausage links and breakfast fries. It was delicious.

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Brent: Festibond 2008

To the person who this week said to me of us not celebrating Christmas, “that’s too bad”, I give you Festibond 2008.

Festibond 2007

Today we celebrated Festibond. There’s nothing important or significant about the day we selected other than it was convenient for us. It has been one of my best days of the year. The value of Festibond to our family is immeasurable.

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Hayley’s Festibond Reindeer Antlers

Since it’s getting to be Festibond we did a little bit of Festibond stuff at school. We got to put designs on our antlers. We took one long piece of lined paper. Then we traced our hands and cut them out of brown paper. Mrs. Arnold put our name on the paper after we put our designs on it. The first sticker was Santa. The next sticker was a candy cane. The next sticker was a reindeer. The last sticker is holly.

The way to make a circle to put it on our head is first to put the paper around our head then carefully take it off while it was connected still. Then we stapled it. Then we stapled the antlers. And then we got to put them on for the whole time we were in school.