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Moving In: Skye

I’ve lived in Maine for most of my life and up until about two months ago, that’s been in the same apartment. I’d been craving a change for years. My dad has discussed moving with the family on many accounts, but it wasn’t until recently that he began to take action. We viewed three places in the span of two days in September with our amicable realtor, Michelle. The three home were all so different, it’s hard to compare them. However, it’s easy to say that the loft we viewed won our hearts by a wide margin and we proceeded to buy it.

A good day to close on a loft.
Getting stuff ready to be moved out of our former place.

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Festibond of 2014: Skye’s Point of View

The Danler family has been celebrating Festibond for eight years. Each year improves and I continue to enjoy every part of it. This whole tradition began in 2008 when our family wanted to create a tradition that celebrates the bonding and cherishment of family. Thus, Festibond was founded and we’ve been enjoying its pleasures ever since.

As everyone began to wake up, Mom matched their outfits with my own. She always tries to make us look presentable and match for the pictures on Festibond. This year’s outfit was pink shirts with a black or gray sweater over it.

Festibond family picture of 2014
Festibond family picture of 2014
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Would you have lots of friends?

Today I’m going to talk about how many friends I would have. Currently I don’t have very many; no more than 10. How many would I have if I had a choice?

The only reason I guess you would have one friend is if the friend were a really great friend. If they weren’t, then you would practically be friendless, and no one wants that unless they want to be miserable…

A few friends is good. The good thing about a few friends is that you can keep track of them, and you don’t have to make 20 invitations to your birthday party (:P). If you don’t invite some of them, however, some will feel left out.
The bad thing is you don’t have many people to support you and stand up for you. :(

Lots of friends is good because you have more people to love and hug. If you have more friends, then the chance of being alone will go down.
The down part is like I said before, some may feel left out if you can bring a limited amount of friends to some place. That is quite a big deal.

So, what do you think is the best? I think a few friends is the best choice, but if you feel different, please comment and tell me what you think. Goodbye for now!

Strings camp

I am going to strings camp next month. It is a big camp in southern Maine where violinists, cellists, violist, and bassists from all over the north east coast come and play their instruments together.
Some reasons I love strings camp is that you practice roughly 7 hours daily. Also there is good food, and lots of activities you can do in the little spare time you have. There are concerts every night played by the councilors and the conductor.
Activities that happen during the week is a party, where there are prizes, games, and decor. There is the campfire, and the dance off. The dance off is where each group of kids (they are sorted in cabins) makes a dance to a song and preforms it on the second to last day. It is really fun.
There is a huge concert at the end of the week, played by all the children attending the camp (it is very big- usually a lot of people have to stand). The last night is filled with solos, duets, chamber groups, an orchestra, a barbecue, and lots of hugs. I just love the last day of the week.
What’s more, my school’s strings teacher is director of the camp.
What I don’t like though, is that they cleaned the boys bathroom first, so the girls bathroom is still filled with huge spiders. Like, I’m talking LOTS of spiders.
Five star rate on strings camp, I’d say!

Here is the link to

If I could have any power

If I had any power, I would be invisible because then I could do whatever I wanted, like explore a stranger’s house or go on a cruise without paying.

I drew this to represent a lady that is invisible.

Either that or stopping time because I could also do as I pleased and there is nobody to stop me. A kidnapper could be crawling into our bathroom window and when I stop time he would be still and I could push him out and give him a good bruise and he couldn’t hurt me! Then I would put bars on the window and resume time (I got the bars at the store when everybody is paused). That would be cool!

I would push him out and give him (or her) a good bruise.

Those are my two favorite powers.

Festibond 2011 – My Date with Mommy

Yesterday I went on a date with my mom for Festibond. It was really fun. For our date we baked cookies and went to the children’s museum.

First when we got to the children’s museum, we went downstairs to the theater where I put on a puppet show for my mom. At first I was all quiet but after a while I became very playful and mommy jumped in and started putting on the play with me.

I put on a puppet show for Mom.
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Skye: Paradise

My blog assignment for this week was to write about what I would do if I could have paradise. I’d like to travel, ride a boat, spend time with my family, and paint trees in the woods. In my paradise I don’t want people to fight and I want happiness every day.

I would get a motorboat that is the size of a monster truck. My family and I would fill our backpacks and bring the motorboat to the ocean every now and then and ride for a little bit. Hayley, Jenna, and I would stand in the front and feel the wind blow on our faces while playing, “I spy something.” Sometimes I could sit in the back of the boat and read my book, or listen to my MP3 player. I could smell the fresh breeze and dad would take pictures. Lots of pictures.

We’d take an airplane to China and I would snack and read on the way there. When my family and I got off, we would check out the beautiful sights and eat the food. I could make some friends and I would memorize the language. My friends would help me. Maybe I could even see some Chinese animals. It would also be very exciting and neat to stay in a Chinese hotel. I would like to try a sport only played in China.

Every week my family would go mini golfing, bowling, and to the movie theater. At the theater we could go and grab popcorn to bring to any movie without giving the person in charge a ticket. I would like to watch new movies that just came out.

I’d also like to bring art supplies in the woods and draw the trees and nature. I would give away paintings but sometimes I would keep them to put in my own house. My parents and sisters would each get an autographed painting from me.

That is my paradise plan.

Brent: Paradise

My paradise would be a world in which there was general peace, unlimited clean renewable energy, no religion and ubiquitous internet. It wouldn’t be free from struggle and work, because those are the things that make life enjoyable. I would spend most of my time with people I loved and pursuing many research interests. And I would create. And explore.

I’d jump out of airplanes often. And pilot them more often. To cities with libraries and museums.

There are other things my paradise would encompass, but this is a family blog.