Wafer Cup Cakes

It was my turn to prepare the refreshments for Family Night this week. Kirsten helped me with the idea (and every other aspect). Our first go we filled the cups too full and they overflowed and collapsed the cups while baking. Our second attempt was far more successful. Cheap, simple and delicious.

Just fill ordinary ice cream wafer cups half full with ordinary cake batter. Bake. Frost. Decorate.

Kirsten basically did everything. She knows where all the stuff is and how to operate her gizmos. I tried to do it, but she wouldn’t let me.

Kirsten helping
Kirsten helping

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Art Exhibition

The girls’ artwork is current on exhibition at the Saco Museum. We visited yesterday morning. It was our first time at the museum.

Hayley made a stuffed fish in her art class. It’s isn’t a fish you could filet and eat for dinner. Nor could it swim in the ocean. It’s mostly made of paper. They drew with oil crayons over the paint. With the red crayon Hayley made lipstick. Then they cut out fish shapes, stapled the edges together and stuffed them with newspaper.

Hayley's stuffed fish (with lipstick)
Hayley's stuffed fish (with lipstick)

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Kirsten: Florida Vacation 2009

I’m so glad we had the opportunity to travel to Florida to see Richard, Patsy, and all of Brent’s siblings as well as most of their families. It has been a long time since everyone has been together, and it was great hanging out and visiting with everybody.

We headed to Kennedy Space Center one day with Brent’s brother Scott and wife Kelly, and his brother Michael and girlfriend Kim. To our disappointment it is no longer free to enter the main part of the museum. We hung out and took pictures outside before going to Ron Jon’s Surf Shop.

Scott, Michael, and Brent at Kennedy Space Center.
Scott, Michael, and Brent at Kennedy Space Center.

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Hayley: Florida Vacation 2009

On the drive we went to a lot of gas stations. At one of the gas stations Mom found one of the White Kit-Kats that I wanted. She wanted to make it a surprise for me.

When we got to Florida I was surprised it was a little cold.

For breakfast in Florida we went to Dunkin Donuts. I didn’t eat the whole donut in Maine, so I just got a muffin instead.

When we got to Heypop and Nana’s house I was so surprised to see Buffy. Skye said she was a snoodle. It was kinda funny. A snoodle?

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Skye: Florida Vacation 2009

I had an awesome time in Florida. It was fun and relaxing, and the weather was warm.

We arrived in Florida on Tuesday. Heypop, Nana, and my family met my Uncle Ken and Aunt Heidi at Subway for lunch. I got to see my cousins Cathryn and James. I’m a picky eater, but I enjoyed my turkey and cheese sandwich, Doritos, and a juice box. My meal came with a toy that I gave to Jenna. Cathryn came back to Heypop and Nana’s house with us, and I had fun playing with her.

Me at Kennedy Space Center
Me at Kennedy Space Center

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Jenna: Florida Vacation 2009

Buffy, our grandparents’ dog, was the first mammal to come over to us when we arrived. She was happy to see us. Then Patsy, our grandmother, came over and welcomed us. I was very happy to see them. They have a very nice house. I gave myself a tour.

I spent most of the time with Buffy. Whenever I go down low Buffy looks at me and then licks me. It’s funny. She goes out the doggy door a lot and mostly goes down to the garage so I go inside. If I am not outside then I usually play hide and go seek with my cousins, Blake and Cathryn.

Kim and Michael, my aunt and uncle, came pretty soon with their dog Mufasa. I had cereal for breakfast.

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Brent: Florida Vacation 2009

My dad turns 60 this year. To celebrate his longevity my stepmum planned for my siblings and me and our families to gather at their house in Florida. His birthday isn’t until April, but my younger brother, Ken, has enlisted in the US Army and will be reporting to Basic Training later this month.

Back: Mike, Richard, Ken, Scott, Brent Middle: Kim, Patsy, Christi, James (baby), Heidi, Kelly, Kirsten Front: Jenna, Skye, Hayley, Cathryn, Blake
Back: Mike, Richard, Ken, Scott, Brent Middle: Kim, Patsy, Christi, James (baby), Heidi, Kelly, Kirsten Front: Jenna, Skye, Hayley, Cathryn, Blake

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