Hayley: Snow

I like snow because I can make a snowman.

The way to make a snowman is to take one big chunk of ice and put it somewhere on the ground wherever you want the snowman.  Then if you want to make it a little smooth, take a bucket and put snow in it and bring it by the snowman.  If people are with you, you can all put snow on it.  If you want to make the snowman bigger and bigger, you get more and do the same thing with it.

When you’re done you can get a carrot for the nose, two raisins for the eyes, and you can get one long piece of licorice for the mouth.  If you want some arms, you get two sticks.  If you want the snowman to have a hat, you can get a bucket and put it on the snowman’s head or you can use your own hat for the snowman.  If you want it to look like it snowed on the snowman, you can take snow and sprinkle it on its hat.  If you don’t want anybody to make the snowman tinier or mess it up, you can get a bunch of chunks of ice and put them around the snowman.

Jenna: Snow

I don’t like snow because it’s cold. If snow weren’t cold I would like it and play in it more.

Sometimes I go out because I can trust that I can ignore the cold. I go in when I’m too tired or if I can’t ignore the cold anymore.

I think snow is beautiful.

I can’t make snow forts because the snow is too soft. In Kansas, where we used to live, the snow was hard and we made a humongous snow fort. It was fun.

When I grow older I’ll probably get used to it. I never make snow angels or snow balls. That means I never have snow ball fights.

Kirsten: A Brother

I have four sisters and no brothers. We played with dolls and dress-ups and played “house,” but other than that I don’t remember doing a lot of “girlie” stuff. I particularly enjoyed riding bikes, catching bugs, playing in the barn, building with blocks, and playing with matchbox cars in the dirt. My dad took us fishing, we played basketball together, and we went on camping trips.

Growing up with a brother might have made me tougher. I’ve noticed that boys are a bit rougher and more provoking than girls. Of course one of my sisters (I won’t name any names) did tie me up and gag me once. Though I may have benefited from having a brother, I loved growing up with all of my sisters.

A brother would certainly help me understand boys (and men) better. Fortunately I have Brent to enlighten me. ;-)

Hayley: A Brother

If I could have a brother I would want one. I would want him to be a big brother. He could help me when I wanted a little bit of help, like in my workbook or my sight words.

Sometimes we could play together, too. I would like to play dinosaurs since it’s boyish and I like dinosaurs. When we would go somewhere he would be a little nice to sit with. While we’re driving we could play together, but not really dinosaurs or something. Like, we could make a little handshake or something.

He would be a little playful. He could wrestle with me when Daddy is busy.

Brent: A Brother

I have three brothers; I don’t have to imagine what it is like to have a brother. Brothers are great if you’re one of ’em. My brothers are cool. We used to play Legos, ride our bikes all over the neighborhood and blow stuff up. It was like having your buddies with you all the time.

I have a sister, too. I mostly didn’t get her. I liked her just fine, we just didn’t relate to each other. She liked fuzzy pink stuff, ponies and being pretty. Sometimes I was jealous because she seemed to get the bulk of the attention (she was and is gorgeous). Other times I felt bad for her because she was outnumbered.

I think Kirsten would have benefited greatly from a brother. She would be tougher, no doubt. And she wouldn’t think I’m so weird.

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Jenna: A Brother

If I had to have a brother, I would want it to be Thomas.

Having a brother would change the family because the house would be so much more dirty. Most boys don’t clean up their rooms even if they are told to. A brother would get my room messy and mom will blame it on me because it’s my room and she will make me clean it up.

The reason I would like a brother is because I could play video games with him. Boys like to play video games and so do I. Plus, boys are cute.

If I had a little brother I would play with the dinosaurs with him. If I had an older brother I would play games or the GameCube with him.

I would want a brother.